TEINT IDOLE ULTRA Foundation by Lancome Review - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

TEINT IDOLE ULTRA Foundation by Lancome Review

With this terribly hot summer that we are having in the California my sisters and I have been on the lookout for the perfect foundation that will keep us looking good without making us look overdone and even most importantly we need a foundation that will not make us break out. Being teenagers its very hard to find just the right make-up so we are going to be going through several different ones in the next weeks. Starting with some of the higher priced items and also some of the more economical brands. 

Today we are reviewing our moms favorite foundation, TEINT IDOLE ULTRA Foundation by Lancome.
Bisque 6
This foundation is priced a bit high ($42.00) but since my mom had been using it for years we gave it a test run over the weekend, we had to go to a friends party outside in the heat and thought it would be the perfect time to test it out.
Kana wearing Teint Idole #6
The color we had to work with might have been a shade lighter than was needed but overall the look was pretty good. It certainly was better than the foundation she had been wearing lately, that makes her look too overdone. Mom was happy to see her looking a bit more natural. (except for those eyebrows)
Overall the foundation was able to take the heat without too much of a mess. A few applications of powder through the day kept the shine away and as usual a few people told her that she looked really nice, but thats not new and that is why we hate her guts. (JK)
The next day there were no new breakouts on her face, as we sometimes find the day after a full day of make up and extreme heat. So overall she was really happy with it.When we asked Kana if she liked the foundation and would use it again she said yes but that she can't afford it. We are teenagers, what do you expect? 

So next in our series we will keep looking for a foundation that works as well as Teint Idole but that is more affordable to all. If it were more affordable we might have given it a higher rating but with all that taken into consideration our final rating is:

Final Rating:
4 1/2 Eyeliners 

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