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Our Las Vegas Trip In Pictures ~!

Viva Las Vegas! We love Las Vegas and have been going there for years for vacation, my mom used to go to on a business trip there once a year and would take us with her. During her off time we would get to tour all the hotels and attractions and we would always get a few extra days to vacation.  This is how we first came to know this fabulous town.Though a lot of people might not think that Vegas is a family oriented town, it really is and we have always loved it. The kids, Sam, Angel and Darlene had never been to Vegas so this year Mom decided it was time to go and take them. This is a photo tour of some of our favorite moments from this visit. Too see a picture close up just click on it.


So excited to see their huge billboard outside of the Monte Carlo hotel. Love these guys!! If you don't know who they are ....where have you been living, under a rock?? These guys are amazing and it made us proud and so happy to see they have made it so big. Completely deserved :) 

Though we have stayed at some of the nicer hotels before, Aladdin, Rio, Luxor, and The Venetian this time it was all about the kids and we went back to a hotel that was one of the first ones we ever stayed at years ago, Circus Circus. 

 China and Sammy taking the must have shot right outside of the hotel. Of course Sam loved it, between the Adventuredome, Midway and the hourly circus acts she felt like if she was at a real live circus. But even better because at the end of a fun filled day all we had to do was take the elevator up to our room. Heaven...

AB and Sammy outside of Luxor. 

AB completely excited about the huge stingray in the aquarium in The Forum shops at Caesars Palace. 

The Forum at Caesars again... it is so beautiful.


Look Mom...BOOBIES! 

Making a wish outside in one of the fountains.

I want to be a pirate! Outside of Treasure Island.

Water show at the Bellagio.

Inside Paris Las Vegas...

Le Boulevard in Paris Las Vegas... one of Ab's favorite stops.

Fountains outside of Caesars Palace. 

Midway circus acts inside Circus Circus. We saw magic shows, acrobats and so much more. The kids loved these of course.

Buying a cup of coffee at one of the Circus Circus cafes.

Outside of the Rainforest Cafe at the MGM Grand.

Look Ma....it's the transformers! In Las Vegas?? Who knew??

OMG...these guys are HOT!

M&M World...one of our must stops in Vegas.

Posing and modeling inside the Rainforest Cafe at the MGM Grand...

Time to go home...bummer! We spent 4 days there and yet they passed by in a flash. Next year we want to go in March and stay at least 5 days so it won't be so hot, rates on rooms are supposed to be pretty low then too. We loved the trip and the little ones had a blast which was the most important thing. We will be back soon Las Vegas!!!!

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