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Beautiful Hawaii ~!

I normally would have thought that living in Hawaii was an unreachable dream--one that my mom has been holding on to for years that we thought would never happen. All us kids know that it's more expensive to live there than on the mainland but after looking at some real estate in Hawaii recently I was very pleasantly surprised to see there are homes as low as $395k. They cost even more than that here in Southern California where even though it is beautiful and the weather is fantastic, it is certainly not Hawaii. Living in Hawaii is magical, the islands are full of the most amazing, down to earth people who are so giving with their land and culture. One of my favorite beaches is China Man's Hat (below) and the area all around it, with all it's mountains is so green and full of beauty. 

We would all love to return to Hawaii, and now that we see that  not all homes are in the millions---we can really keep it in mind for the future. You never know what life has in store for you, and it's good to keep dreams and goals alive. At the very least we really want to come and visit it the next few years...and one day more!

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  1. Always hold to your dreams--you never know--it all may come together one day!!

    Michele aka MikiHope

  2. i think it's all about timing. when the economy went south, prices went sky high and it did seem like every house hit the mils. but as the economy slowly gets better, so will the prices :)



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