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What Kind Of Blogger Are You?

I just read a very interesting blog post and after sharing it with mom and sisters we sat down together to figure out exactly what kind of bloggers we are. Not that we can really say we are all "bloggers", three of us just help with a post here and there and with pictures. It's mom and Jack that do most of the blogging, so the real bloggers are them. 

According to this post on ProBlogger, there are 23 blogger breeds, we went through them and though these two descriptions don't fit us to a T, they are the ones that resonated the most with us and what we hope to accomplish. 

12. The Statistician

Statisticians see blogging as a numbers game. They are usually the ones who make the most money because they track what visitors or doing and why. Then they make changes based off of that information.
You’ll hear them talk about “conversions” a lot—which is the number of desired actions divided by the number of visitors. Three advertisement clicks out of 100 visitors is a 3% conversion rate.


As I said, they tend to be able to make more money by making tweaks and experimenting with their sales pages. Split testing allows them to isolate variables and make definitive conclusions.


1.             Statisticians could possibly make poor decisions by interpreting data incorrectly.
2.   Analyzing statistics is a time-consuming affair (but the results can make it worthwhile).

22. The Money Purist

These bloggers will blog about anything to make money. Blogging is a job and a business to them and pa$$ions exist to be monetized.


1.              Money purists are very intentional about making money and therefore will plan from the start how they plan to accomplish that.
2.              They are very likely to make more money than most bloggers as that is their primary focus.


1.              Possible burnout as a result of not caring what they write about.
2.              Potentially less enjoyment (offset by extra money?)

The bottom line for us is money and making a living. My mom has been working online for almost 4 years now, she has a network of ad sites and has done it all from writing-for-pay, to programs that promise an easy buck. In the beginning she used to spend the entire day and night on the computer, and made almost no money. Her dedication and belief that one day she would be able to replace her income that she had lost kept her going when the rest of us didn't believe her. When my aunts and grandma just mocked her and believed that she would give up if given enough time to fail. She's the person that people look at and think that she is just messing around, or maybe chatting online. No one ever sees what she does as work and no one ever gives her the respect that she really deserves--and guess what? We are actually on the way to replacing that lost income. Between our 2 blogs and her ad network and other little things here and there we are churning out a monthly income and we can actually see where if we keep going, the income can be as much or even more than what she used to make at her last job. 

We love the blogs and almost everything that comes with them. It also feels so good to earn a living from something that gives you such joy. So even though the bottom line is money, it doesn't mean we don't have pride in what we do and love the blogging world.

So we have admitted as to what kind of bloggers we are from this list of 23 blogger breeds, what kind of blogger are YOU? 


  1. I would love to say that I am the Ninja because I don't post everyday but instead once or twice a week. But my blog posts are nothing exciting or even though provoking, they are just random things that pop into my head.

    I do like the way that you were able to break down exactly who you are from that list. It sounds like you are both of those breeds but that you also work with a lot of pride and you enjoy it too. I really found this post interesting and enjoyed reading about those particular breeds. The author is pretty spot on isn't he?

  2. I guess I would consider myself a comedian / mommy blogger. I write about my daily life with my kids and try to add a humorous edge but have written about difficult things too. I don't make any money but it's something I enjoy right now.

  3. I think I am the Ninja as I post once or twice every week. I post whatever I feel interesting enough, for others to read.

  4. I haven't begun with my blog yet, that is why this post was so helpful to me. It has made me narrow down a bit what it is that I want to do and what I hope to accomplish. I never even knew there were so many types of bloggers, thank you for such an informative post!


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