A Day of Shopping ~! - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

A Day of Shopping ~!

Woke up yesterday morning to rain and thunder, and not just any old thunder. Big, thumping, grumbling thunder that shook the entire house. After three hours it stopped raining and that is when the heat set in. The house got muggy and sticky and felt like an oven. So we did what any sane person would do, we ran off to the mall to spend some cash and avoid the sticky house all day. The only reason we came home when we did is because the mall closes at 7:00 on Sunday's, or we might have stayed all night.

This was just some of our haul, China and Ness are sleeping so I don't have their stuff, but this is what me and Jack got.

3 for $10 Sale

Bath & Body Works
Wanted to buy so much more but we went crazy last month when they had the 75% off, that we really had to take it easy this time around. Plus our cabinets are still stocked full of hand soaps and lotions. Only grabbed a few must-have items.

The Disney Store

Jack has collected Mickey's ever since she was very little. Being a bit of a nerd herself she could not pass up on this delightful pair. She has never had a Minnie Mouse before and almost left her behind, but realized they had to be together for ever.


My favorite piece of the moment...feather earrings. Already got two pairs last week from Charlotte Russe (purple and white) and today saw these and HAD TO GET THEM. These were above the budget ($14.95) as mom never lets us get accessories that cost more than $10 but since I baby sat last night, I paid for them myself!! BTW...the picture does them no justice at all. 


 This was at a pricier store for almost $50 so when I saw the same one at Papaya, I grabbed it. I have been wanting this one for a while now and I am glad I didn't have to pay for the more expensive one :)

Old Navy
Mother's only purchase, she got two of these Zebra pattern flip flops for $3 a pair. Mom is what we call a boring shopper. She never really ever gets anything unless it's flip flops, coffee or hand soaps. 

So that was it for our day at the mall. I am hoping to talk China into posing for a few shots with her new jacket and skirt. She also has a brand new Nicole Lee purse that we will be reviewing very soon!


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