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Easy-to-use Purex UltraPacks Review ~!

We got a sneek peek into a new Purex product that really simplifies washing your clothes. Purex UltraPacks, which will be available in stores in Ferbuary, are pre -measured detergent packs that pack 2 X the detergent into one little pack. These easy-to-use packs can be used on all types of washing machines and are filled with Triple Action liquid formula and will be available in Mountain Breeze and Free & Clear. 

We got an 18ct package of Mountain Breeze UtraPacks to try out. Most of our clothes are dark so we almost always wash in cold water, and even at the coldest setting the packs dissolved in just a minute or two. When preparing your load all you have to do is throw a pack in while the water loads and by the time the machine is ready so is the detergent. The scent is really clean and leaves clothes smelling really fresh, so even if you don't use a scented softener, your clothes will still have a very nice scent that lasts.

I think these are really convenient and look forward to their release in February. 

Disclaimer: We received this item to facilitate review, we were not compensated in anyway.

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