1st E.L.F. Order During BOGO BestSellers Sale #ELF #eyeslipsface #makeup - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

1st E.L.F. Order During BOGO BestSellers Sale #ELF #eyeslipsface #makeup

We are far from make-up snobs, but E.L.F. is not a brand we usually buy. We buy a mix of brands, some pricier than others. For certain things like primer and foundation, eye shadows, and blush we will stick to MAC, Smashbox, and Stila, for things like mascara and liner we usually go with L'oreal or Maybelline (favorite mascara of all time is L'Oreal Voluminous), these items we go through a lot faster and would not be able to afford replacing them as often as needed. 

The prices for E.L.F. make-up is pretty incredible, we are serious Target shoppers so we see this stuff all the time, but after trying the liquid liner a while back and not really liking it at all, we've just never given the line another shot. Recently though I have become a big fan of a certain beauty/budget blogger, and one of her fave lines and one she reviews all the time happens to be E.L.F. She completely raves about the Black Mineral Infused Mascara which is only $3 and the Black Cream Liner which is also only 3 bucks. Feeling a bit dubious I set out on an internet search and found many more beauty bloggers and vloggers who are also huge fans of not just these products, but many more. 

So this morning upon receiving the email about the big BOGO Free on 50+ bestselling items at eyeslipsface.com I decided to take the plunge and place an order. In this case ordering online was a better deal than buying these at Target, since the sale is only at their online store. Shipping was $6.95 but I grabbed enough items that it made the online order worthwhile and I actually saved $9.05 off the retail price of the products even after shipping, not bad at all. 

So check it out, these are the goodies I have coming our way.

e.l.f studio mineral infused mascara. only item not part of the BOGO sale, I got two of these and each were $3.Total = $6
We go through tubes and tubes of mascara, so hoping this is a good one!

Metallic Olive
e.l.f. studio cream liner in black, these were $3 BOGO free Total = $3
This is and the mascara above is what I really need and what I am really crossing fingers works. I have tried the AVON product and did not like it. Hoping this is better.

Warm BronzerWarm Bronzer
e.l.f. studio bronzers. Got one in warm and one in golden. $3 ea BOGO Total =$3
Another item my fave blogger raves about. 

e.l.f. studio translucent matifying powder, these were $3 BOGO free Total = $3
This item had RAVE reviews, two of us have major oily skin and this is supposed to be great for keeping oil at bay. Can't wait to try!

Pink LemonadePink Lemonade
e.l.f. essential all over color stick, got pink lemonade and golden peach $1 BOGO free Total = $1
I love all over color sticks and these look really pretty and shimmery.

e.l.f. essential waterproof eyeliner pen black, these were $1 BOGO free Total = $1
This item has RAVE reviews, we are all about eyeliner so will really put this to the test. 

e.l.f. mineral moisturizing lip tint SPF 8, got this in Blush and Cherry, these were $3 BOGO free Total = $3
Reviews on these are mixed, they are supposed to be very lightly tinted which is what I need. I mostly got the for the SPF and plan on wearing them all summer long, if they are good I will def get the rest of the colors. 

Slant Tweezer
e.l.f. essential slant tweezer, these were $1 BOGO free Total = $1
Just bought a pair of tweezers last week at Walgreen's for $3.95 so I could not pass up two for only a buck!

e.l.f. essential zit zapper, these were $1 BOGO free Total = $1
Ordered this because it sounds interesting and not something a makeup line usually carries. It has really good reviews, and if it works we can sure use it. Everyone gets a big zit now and then and this would be really convenient to have on hand for those wonderful moments. 

Got a total of 18 items for only $28.95 and that was just $3 extra because the mascara was not part of the sale. I will make sure to post when the order arrives. I am curious to see shipping times and packaging. Will make sure to review each and every item. If you've also been waiting to place an order this is a great sale which runs until 5/28 on orders over $20. 

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  1. I am not an Elfette either, though I have also seen the many blog reviews. What to do?? This is a great sale, I guess I can try the stuff I have really been wanting to try and see how it compares to my MAC stuff. I spend so much per month on just makeup, it would really be nice to find something cheaper and maybe that extra cash could go to shoes. Will have to think on it a bit, but will go check out the sale right now. Thanks!


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