E.L.F. @askELF Cosmetics #Review Three Items For $3 Each #ELF #eyeslipsface #latinabloggers #LLBLOG - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

E.L.F. @askELF Cosmetics #Review Three Items For $3 Each #ELF #eyeslipsface #latinabloggers #LLBLOG

Remember the big E.L.F. BOGO Best Sellers sale, the one where I purchased 18 items for only $28.95? Find the post here. Well I thought it was time to review a few of the items we got, especially since we have been using them a few weeks with really great results. As I originally stated, I was unsure what the quality of these items would be since E.L.F. is not one of the regular brands we buy. Would this stuff be affordable and fair quality or just plain cheap and not any good??

My favorite liner and mascara of all time are from Lancome and since getting on a tighter budget that does not allow for extravagant makeup purchases, I have flitted around buying many different brands and almost never being truly happy with them. There have been a few that have been pretty good and I have mostly stuck to those, but the price on both was a substantial amount more than what these E.L.F. products cost. Let me tell you that I - rather we, were very pleasantly surprised once we got the order a week after placing it BTW. 

Here are the three $3 items we are reviewing today:

Studio Cream Liner in black $3

Such a pretty acrylic little box. It comes with the perfect sized angled brush that makes application easy. If you normally don't use a gel liner, it takes a while to get used to it. The first few times I had major liner going. It's taken a few days of use to be able to make either a thin line OR a thick line, with a bit more precision.You can also apply on your waterline, which I will show you in the next review too. But seriously what a blast to use this- it glides on so easy and you really do have full control of the amount you want to use. I was astounded because I had tried a similar product last year which was so dry and hard to apply that not even three coats were dark enough. I also had to pay extra for the brush on that one, so I find this liner to be an amazing deal and very nice. 

Stay on power on this is more than fair. It will last through the day with only a slight amount of smudging. The smudging was less evident with cooler weather but as the heat is coming in, I find that my line has smudged a bit to my top lid or under the eyes by the end of the day. This is not a big enough issue for me since almost all the liners in my budget have this same problem, and this one works much better than most and had no flaking or peeling. Will I stick to this liner now and recommend to the sisters? A definite YES!! Oh yeah even Sammy got in on the liner action, here you can see her wearing it for her upcoming costume review.  

Studio Infused Mineral Mascara in black $3

When I first applied this I almost thought it didn't work, which is the same thing Jack said today. You don't get a lot of product covering the brush so it feels like it is dry and not really doing much on the first coat. But since my fave blogger raved about this I kept going, making sure to apply slowly up the lashes while turning the brush. It was not till the second coat that my lashes began to get much thicker, and the third coat makes them perfectly long and with a lot more curl than I have naturally. You will see in Jacks pictures below, she has NO LASHES and yet with this mascara she has long, curled up lashes. And let me tell you, she is not a fan of makeup so applying it on her was a real chore, and still her lashes looked amazing. Another definite buy for the future!

Studio Bronzer in Warm $3

I am a huge fan of bronzers and have always used them year-round. In fact I rarely buy blush and instead use bronzer for my entire face including on my eyelids, which is what I did for Jack below. This is exaclt what you get with the Studio Bronzer, here we used the warm palette which is very shimmery and soooo pretty. As soon as I applied it on her cheeks, there was a golden-bronzy glow. You will see exactly what I mean below. Jack is totally no-fuss and likes a more natural face, and almost never wears blush or any other kind of color besides foundation. But now that she saw how different her skin looks with this bronzer, I don't think she will be going back. A must buy for the future, and I am ordering the last shade asap so we can have all three.

See for yourself, she went from looking yellow and unhealthy, to very pretty and still quite natural. Her lashes  can actually be seen, her liner is in place and precise, and her face looks glowing and healthy. In person the bronzer looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Again it's hard to believe these three product only cost a total of $9. There are 5 of us here who wear make-up including mom, so for us finding affordable cosmetics that work really well, means we can buy more and not stress the cash- you know? E.L.F. so far, has delivered on quality and price. Hopefully we can have another review up for you very soon!! 


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    1. My 13 year old is just venturing into the world of cosmetics. I'm of little use to her because I don't wear more than mascara on a daily basis. I'm going to pick up some of these items and have her try them. this is exactly the kind of info i need.

  2. wow what great pictures. I loved seeing the difference between the before and after. Good for Jack for not being embarrassed to share that with us. I look forward to some more reviews.

  3. Wow thanks for sharing! Found you at the Fun Friday Blog Hop and I'm now following you via GFC. Love for you to follow back when you get a chance.

    Altair of That Chief's First Lady

  4. Hi! I enjoyed reading your blog! Following from Fun Friday Blog Hop! Would appreciate the follow back! Have a great weekend!


  5. I love ELF its great right !!! I know for the price you can't really go wrong =)

    OH BTW threading doesn't hurt at all !!! you should really try it doesn't hurt and last a very long time


  6. I have never tried ELF and was unsure of whether I should try it or no but I am going to now after reading your review. Thank you so much!!


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