Meanwhile...Back At The Farm #picoftheday #Instagram #family #llblog - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Meanwhile...Back At The Farm #picoftheday #Instagram #family #llblog

To say that it's HOT is an understatement, today it got as high as 104 and the bummer of it was that it was also Sammy's first day of school. Even with the cooler on full blast, the house feels sticky and humid, and it was not productive to getting her dressed up in full school uniform, that included knee-high socks. 

We put her hair up in an uninspired ponytail to keep her as cool as possible and off she went. I had so many ideas of how I wanted to fix her hair, but it was just NOT TO BE.

As luck would have it, the minute that it was time to go get her from school, this sudden storm broke out. This pic doesn't quite capture how strong the rain and wind were beating down. It only lasted for 30 minutes, but it was during the 30 minutes it took to walk up the street and pick her up from school. 

At the same time little Anthony was taking a shower {we don't have a tub in this house, which sucks}. He loves shower time and loves hanging out under the stream of water.

It's been a good day. Sammy had a great day- she made UNO amigo and she is excited to go back tomorrow! The rain, though it was a quick one, cooled off the heat and we are now all home waiting for the watermelon.

Happy Monday everyone!!!

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