The GANG Is Heading Off To School In One Week !!! #back2school #kids #family #latinabloggers - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

The GANG Is Heading Off To School In One Week !!! #back2school #kids #family #latinabloggers

Just one week from now and this house is going to be FREE of children, well that is, free of three of the children. Only little Anthony will be home all day, because the gang is headed off to school, finally. Angel is already going to second grade and Lene and Sammy are going to start kindergarten, it's going to be strange to have an empty house for those few hours that all of them are gone.

They have been together always, these three. The three amigos, the diaper gang, they really are a crew. I can already see them when they are teenagers, how they will all hang out together and be friends. Cousins really are special, especially when you live in the same house, it's almost like they are brothers and sisters, and they each have a hard time going anywhere without each other. 

Time flies so fast, seems like just yesterday that we took this picture of them. I think this was three years ago, and now they are off to school, it seems so fast!! Our little ones are growing right before our eyes...before we know it they will be off to high school...!

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