Weekend Re-Cap w/Pics #Instagram #pics #filters #InlandEmpire - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Weekend Re-Cap w/Pics #Instagram #pics #filters #InlandEmpire

It's only a little past mid-day on Sunday, but for us the weekend is just about done. All that's left is to get some laundry done for the coming week and hopefully a good movie tonight once it cools off. It was supposed to be cooler today than it had been all week, but I swear, it almost feels hotter. We have the cooler and ac's running full blast, but because our little house is very old, it's not insulated well at all, and the cool air blows right out. It's HOT...I can not wait for fall!!!

We decided to take head down to Hemet Valley Mall (aka: the smallest mall in the world) to do the school shopping for Angel and Lene. While down there we would take the kids to Chuck E Cheese's and have some pizza and cotton candy. Sam wore one of moms favorite dresses and on the way out she snapped this pic of her. A little creepy maybe? I don't know about you but it's kind of reminding me of Samara from The Ring. Speaking of that movie, I haven't seen it in forever, now that would make a great Sunday night movie.

Here are the three kids posing for a very nice shot. Haven't gotten one this good of all three in a long time. You can really see how much they have grown, Angel is starting to look like a young man.

While I didn't get a shot of the pizza, which seems to have really shrunk in size, I did get a shot of moms humongous salad!! Maybe she saw how small the large pizza was and realized she needed to get full off of something else because this was a seriously huge salad.

The happy faces of kids eating cotton candy. You know we each usually get our own bag, but this time the mother said we had to share one bag between all of us. What a buzz kill.

Anthony was super excited to be sitting next to Chuck E. He kept moving so much it was impossible to get a  good shot of him. Anyways he had a blast, and ate so much foo off the floor it was crazy. Every time his mom let him walk around she would find him sitting on the ground eating food people had dropped. How classy Anthony.

Momma got her new Net10 Wireless LG Optimus that she is test driving as part of the Levantate Un Diez campaign. It arrived one hour before we left and she quickly got it ready to go so she could take pics and test it out during our outing. All the pictures above were taken on this phone.

Mother playing on the phone Sunday morning with fun photo apps on the new phone. This is very cute and the glasses look real. That little potato baby is Sammy when she was one. One thing is for sure Sam-you've come a long way baby!!

To cap off the Chuck E Cheese experience I borrowed Jack's collage, taken with her iPod. Everyone had a lot of fun, it was a nice break from the heat of the house and we had some of our favorite pizza. 

What did you do this weekend and how are you keeping cool?


  1. The I.E. is definitely hot right about now. It's probably going to be line this till mid September, and that is if we're lucky. October is one of the best months in this area, I can't wait too.

  2. Hmm, what a coincidence I was at Chuck E. Cheese yesterday too and I do believe that is me in the lower left hand corner of the collage. And yes it was very hot yesterday, although slightly cooler then this past Friday I thought.


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