Walgreens Mini Haul - All On Sale #WetnWild #Rimmel #BeautyonaBudget #nailpolish - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Walgreens Mini Haul - All On Sale #WetnWild #Rimmel #BeautyonaBudget #nailpolish

Who doesn't love a sale? Tonight there was all kinds of good stuff on sale at Walgreens. A lot of shadows, blush and other assorted cosmetics. I was really good though and even though I picked up a lot of things and looked them over, I rationalized that I didn't really need it and put it back. I only got these three items below and ended up spending just $6.47 before taxes. 

Rimmel Clean Finish foundation $2.49 for Jack who ran out of her last bottle yesterday. Regular price for this is $4.99. 

Wet n Wild : Got two specially packaged nail sets for only $1.99 a piece. The set on the left is fast dry, which is great. That glitter top coat is to die for and I have seen that Milani has a very similar color which costs a lot more. So this was a real find and I am excited to try it asap!!

The second set is from their megalast line and has that really nice-thick brush I like. These look very much like the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure polishes we reviewed a few weeks ago. I'm guessing these probably cost more than the ones on the left, so at only a buck a piece they are a really good deal. 

I also picked up a holiday gift for the little guy and that was it. Sure I could have bought all the other stuff that was on sale, especially the shadows, but I didn't really need them and these polishes I know we will totally use. Look for a review soon of each color...and remember that you can always find beauty items on sale and don't always have to spend the big bucks. It's nice if you have the big bucks and can afford it, but when you don't, there are always sales and brands that are just as good, for a lot less.

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