Julius update : 4months #baby #IE #latinabloggers - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Julius update : 4months #baby #IE #latinabloggers

Julius who is now 3 months will be turning 4 months next Tuesday on march 5th. Everyday he seems to be doing something different. This past month we have seen many different changes in him. To start off he seems to be getting chubbier and chubbier everyday. Julius who is only going to be 4 months already fits in clothes 6-9 months and it doesn't even seem like that's going to be fitting him much longer. We have already gotten rid of so many of his clothes this month, and I am worried that he will be left with nothing by the end of march. 

Julius also got a habit of sucking on his hand whenever he gets the chance. Not to mention all that drool and slobber that comes with it. He seems to prefer sucking on his hand more the he likes sucking on anything else. I can also have really long conversations with him now. He can talk and talk for days. He has also gotten much more grumpier as time goes by. He use to be very quiet now he cries almost all the time. Its either he wants to be carried, hes hungry ,he can't poop ,he's bored or he just wants to cry. Overall, this past month has been a hectic but good one. 

I cant wait to see what Julius has in store for us this next month.

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