#Review #Amazon SODIAL- Fashion Leopard Pattern Shawl Scarf #fashionblogger - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

#Review #Amazon SODIAL- Fashion Leopard Pattern Shawl Scarf #fashionblogger

Last month we ordered this Sodial Fashion Leopard Scarf that was only $2.92 from Amazon. The price was so low and it had really good reviews, which we always read. Leopard print is China's favorite print so we immediately placed an order for her. It shipped from China so it did take a complete month to arrive but it is definitely very much worth the wait.  It is a very nice material, not too thin and is scrunched up just right, so it lays really cute. This is actually nicer than the skull scarves we got a few months ago. 

I checked the link and the price on this is currently $4.05. That seems to fluctuate a lot because yesterday it was 3 something. Probably the only con is that the color is a little bit more orange than brown, and China didn't really like that. But it's a beautiful scarf and for the price it's an amazing deal. And truly the scarf feels and looks, like it cost a lot more. Here is the link if you are interested, and the shipping is free too!

Vanessa showing us the scarf because China was busy cleaning the house. I love it!


  1. What a deal on that beautiful leopard scarf!

  2. Love printed scarfs, another print that I love is paisley and floral. For a good pop of color, the crazier, the more compliments you'll get on it haha!


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