Monkeys Birthday #Fashion #Haul #LatinaBloggers - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Monkeys Birthday #Fashion #Haul #LatinaBloggers

So this past saturday was my favorite day of the year...MY BIRTHDAY! :D So anyways, this year just like every year all I wanted was clothes ,clothes and more clothes, because as a girl no amount of clothes is ever enough! Although my boyfriend would probably disagree when I say that, since he complains about me having too many clothes already. 

I'm going to show you guys most of what I got. A pretty decent haul if I say so myself.

Brown combat boots "local shoe store" -25.99
Red long sleeve flannel "papaya" -10.00 (sale)
I love mustache tank top "papaya" 11.99

Pink Floyd grey muscle tee "forever21" 15.99
Ramones muscle tee "forever21" -14.99
Black Noir white muscle tee "f21" -11.99
Grey tie dye muscle tee with silver spikes "forever 21" -11.99

White sheer shirt white gold studs "papaya" -12.99 (sale)
Light pink ruffle top "papaya" -12.99
Cream and navy knit too "forever 21" -13.99

Black white bandeus "papaya" - 2.99 (each) 
2 pairs of black leggings "forever 21" -2 for 10 
Black headwrap with gold spikes "forever 21" - 6.99
Silver spike braclet "forever 21" -4.99
Black and gold drop cheveron earings "forever 21" -3.99
Silver cross earings "forever 21" -1.99
Knit sparkly sweetheart tube top "forever 21" - 10.99

And that is my entire birthday haul. I will be sharing some of the looks I put together in the coming weeks with some "outfit of the day" posts. Thanks for stopping by and having a peek at what I scored. As you can see I love to shop and I am very happy to have added all this to my wardrobe. It's going to be fun putting them all together!


  1. very nice, I liked that everything was cheap! thanks for sharing.
    muy bonito, me gusto mas que todo fue barato! gracias por compartirlo.

  2. awesome haul... loving the boots!


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