First Time Making a Furry Friend at #BuildABearWorkShop #LatinaBloggers - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

First Time Making a Furry Friend at #BuildABearWorkShop #LatinaBloggers

How do you turn this crying, unhappy face, into a smiling, happy face?

Easy! Take a stroll over to Build a Bear Workshop and make that baby a furry friend! Julius had never been to Build a Bear before and it was time that he get to make his own friend. 

I like that making a furry friend here is something that is in everyone's budget. The bear Julius picked was only $10! Now that is a super deal and perfect for him because all he needed was a little friend to cheer him up.


Not quite understanding why this woman wanted to take his new friend out of his hands. 


"How much longer?!"


Teddy being stuffed.

Finally, but still looks so sad!

Maybe a little bit of bottle will help, along with a hug from Teddy.

"Hey Teddy, let's get out of here before they want to take you away again!"

The End...


  1. He is way to cute

  2. looks like you all had a blast! we love build a bear!

  3. Aww!! That bear really turned your little man's frown upside down! :)

  4. Build a Bear is a great activity for kids!

  5. This reminds me of when I take my kids and nieces there to make new friends,so cute.

  6. What absolutely adorable photos! So cute - a huggable bear buddy can wipe the tears away :)


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