Making Blog Pictures POP! #LatinaBloggers #PicMonkey #photoapps #photoeffects - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Making Blog Pictures POP! #LatinaBloggers #PicMonkey #photoapps #photoeffects

One thing that has been ingrained in us since we started blogging in 2010 is, pictures!! "Pictures must be amazing and they must be big!" According to my mom, that is. 

Another thing we have also learned from her, is the power of the photo app, or in this case, the photo editor. We don't actually think Cici needs any filters, because she truly does not, her and China are both incredibly photogenic and don't need any help. But we love being able to take a picture, that is pretty to begin with (see original shot on left) and make it fun, colorful, interesting to look at and pleasing to the eye. Sure the original was already pleasing to the eye, but editing photos is sort of a passion of ours, so it's really hard for us to leave any pic untouched. I loved today's pictures so much, I decided it would be a perfect subject to blog about. 

Here is the original photo of Cici taken by Mario on a Samsung Galaxy III. Very pretty and pretty much  perfect. But I can surely make this a lot more interesting??! YES.

Okay so to make the color of her top (what we are featuring) pop, I add a filter that darkens up the edges and makes the colors so much brighter. I notice her face doesn't have a lot of color ( because Cici tends to do more a more nude/natural face), so I add the following: blush, lip tint, liner to the bottom of her eyes and mascara. 

Done. This is my favorite of the two pictures. I love how dark green the plants look, how colorful her top is, even her hair looks shinier. The added cosmetics gave her face more color and definition. I love this end result and would have left it like this but I decided to keep going and see what else I could come up with.

This is Cici's favorite of the two. I undid my original crop and added sun, which makes her look like she is sitting under a spotlight. Her hair and face got lighter, the mascara really helped or else her eyes might just have disappeared. I also added some bokeh for extra fun and the name of the blog so we could use this as a Facebook header. 

It didn't take me very long at all from when she in boxed me the original to the time I had two pictures for her to pick from, for her post. Once you get the hang of an editor, it becomes pretty easy. I use PicMonkey (upgraded) at the moment. It really has all we need, but of course one of these days we want to purchase a high end program, but until then PicMonkey is pretty fabulous. 

In my opinion all three of these pictures are pretty amazing and are ready to be used in any post. If you have been wondering how to touch up pictures or whether you should, I hope this post is helpful to you in some way. We do it mostly for fun, but this is also such a great tool that as a blogger you should learn to use. 

Which of the three pictures is your favorite?


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