Updates and a Fun Meme - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Updates and a Fun Meme

Wow, no kidding blogging is hard work. I already knew it would be. Things never work out the way they are supposed to. It's hard sticking to a plan, when so much that was not planned happens. Julius is still sick and he is teething, which makes for such a fussy baby. My life is hectic and my sisters are going through their own things. China is close to her due date and already having labor scares, Jack had to leave her job and is non-stop looking for a new one. That is why we haven't had our first food post. Once China has her baby she will also be able to take a bigger role here, at least in sharing her little bundle with us. 

For now I am trying to stick to a smaller editorial calendar. I have so many outfits of the day and hauls that I want to share, but when I am ready my camera is not here. At some point, we will get it together. Until then I am trying to keep it fun and light. Light and fun. 

Speaking of fun, I wanted to share one of my favorite pictures taken with good friends.  I think it's pretty funny.

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