Consumer Reports and Latism Study - Usage of Multivitamins Poll Results Revealed - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Consumer Reports and Latism Study - Usage of Multivitamins Poll Results Revealed

 This is a sponsored post in collaboration with a LATISM campaign to support healthy living habits in the Latino community.

Consumer Reports en Español and LATISM recently teamed up to better understand Latinos and their use of multivitamins. The 500 people study has revealed some very interesting facts. 

The survey found that  66% of Latinos take multivitamins at least once a week; 56% do not discuss potential contraindications for combining supplements with prescription medications, and 56% of parents give multivitamins to their children at least once a week.

Tonight we attended a Twitter chat were we discussed our concerns regarding the usage of vitamins, especially when it comes to giving them to children.Doctor José Luis Mosquera, Health Expert at Consumer Reports, was there to answer our questions. Here are a few of the answers he provided us.

- Are there any ingredients that are a warning sign that a vitamin is not safe?  Yes – on label if is says it has many fillers – synthetic rather than natural form vitamins – contains dye milk or milk byproducts, sugars art ingredients

- At what age should children start taking vitamins? After they start chewing food prop – age 3 on but most doctors allow after age 2

- What's the best way to get extra calcium for kids? Do supplements work?  Many kids don’t like dairy products or have allergies – other sources are good like orange juice, lentil, cold water fish like salmon sardines and soy milk –there is little scientific evidence they do work.

- Do you have any tips for getting the most benefit from vitamins? 
Take only if indicated otherwise in most cases you get most benefit by eating whole foods from a plant-based balance diet

As a result of the study finding and attending this Twitter chat, I have learned that it is best to get educated on the vitamins that I take myself and give my family. Now I know Julius won't need one until after the age of two and I found that I have to bring these questions up when I see our doctor too. There is so much misinformation on the web and everywhere, that it is best for each of us to research and cosult our physicians.

Are you taking a multivitamin? Why or why not?

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