I Confess #TGIF - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

I Confess #TGIF

Today we are doing a link up called "I Confess". It sounded fun. 

  • I confess to being very unorganized and unprepared 99% of the time. Like when we go out with baby I always forget to grab extra clothes, blankets or his food and he always ends up needing it. So I get in trouble. I'm also a last minute person, always the last one ready. 
  • I confess to having the biggest sweet tooth. I love chocolate so much I could literally live off of it and never need real food
  • I confess to being really lazy to get ready so I sometimes leave the house looking a mess. It might be the summer heat or it might be that I am just plain lazy
  • I confess I like to shop for new clothes all the time even though I have many things with tags in my closet. I think I might be a brand new clothes hoarder. 
  • I confess sometimes my baby makes me wanna pull my hair out...or his. But then again he is practically bald now and has almost nothing left to pull out.

Linking up with the fab ladies at : Let it Shine and Agape Love Designs.

These are just a "few" of my confessions. I would love to know a few of your confessions. Help me feel better and share please!

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  1. I LOOOOVE chocolate too! Seriously, it's like a need in my life, lol!

    Thanks for linking up with us! :)


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