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Quick and Easy Family Meals With Smart & Final First Street Products

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. 

We were really excited to be taking part in this #ChooseSmart campaign. We are not great chefs, in fact we are not even good chefs, but we do love to cook and we most definitely love to eat. For us, simplicity is always best, and that means we look for easy recipes with very few steps, for our family meals. For this #cbias campaign we are getting to share three different meal ideas inspired around one First Street product and we also got to go check out the new Smart & Final store located in sweet DTLA. We love L.A. and had a lot of fun getting to go see this new store. 

Here are some of the highlights of the store.

Located in the heart of DTLA (Figueroa St), this store is in a prime location and has free parking.

A huge plus for us is the Dowtown Grind featuring The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, which we love. I love having a cold coffee to sip while shopping. Make sure to mention Choose Smart LA at the Grind and you will get a $10 Off a $30 purchase coupon. 

How about this awesome patio. Plenty of seating area with free Wi-fi. 

Very roomy and what a nice view. We didn't even want to get up, we had a yummy chocolate chip muffin and surfed the web before starting our shop.

The store itself is huge and very clean. There  is a nice selection organic fruits and veggies. The prices were outstanding and there were plenty of sale items to be found. You will have to see the rest of our shop with many more pictures of the store by visiting our Google + Album here. Make sure to check it out, this store is very impressive. 

I have always loved waiting for the Smart and Final weekly circular to see the new sales. This next weeks sale is fantastic. From August 14-20, 2013, when you buy any FOUR participating First Street Products, you will save $2.00 instantly. Our job was to take one of the sale items and create three different meals/snacks based on that one ingredient. We chose the First Street Multigrain Waffles which were on sale for $1.99. 

 We always have waffles at our house and have them with butter, syrup, Nutella ( a favorite of everyone!) and since I had found a beautiful basket of strawberries on sale, I decided to use them as a topping. This was a delicious breakfast. I got in some multigrain and fruit in there so I felt good and like I did not overindulged. 

For lunch we wanted to have something good and filling. We thought about it for a while and realized the waffles would make a great bread for a BLT sandwich. Most of the time when we make BLT's on regular bread, the bread tends to be really small and gets soggy quickly. So we realized the texture of the toasted waffle would be a nice contrast. 

Really this recipe is of a basic BLT, the only difference being the waffle. This is such and easy sandwich to make and always such a treat. Because of the bacon we don't have them a lot. If you are first time BLT maker, here we go. You're going to see, this is super simple and fast.

Ingredients (makes 2 sandwiches)

4 Firststreet multigrain waffles
6 slices of good bacon
2 medium sized tomatoes
4  romaine lettuce leaves
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup mustard

Fry bacon for a few minutes until crisp. Transfer bacon to a paper towel lined plate and allow grease to drain. Meanwhile toast the multigrain waffles. Now you are ready to prepare your sandwiches. Spread desired mayo and mustard on slices and top with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes. These are better enjoyed immediately. 

If you thought those were easy ways to enjoy multigrain waffles, our third item is even easier. I don't usually have dinner since I always have a full lunch, but I do try to get in a protein snack of some sort right before heading to the gym. So our final item was perfection. 

First Street Multigrain waffles with chunky First Street Peanut Butter made a delicious snack. I added some super sweet raisins and it ended up almost being a dessert. I am an avid peanut butter lover, so this on the delicious multigrain waffle was really good. I only made one and wanted to make another, but that would have defeated the purpose of a snack. :(

We had a really great time getting to know the new Smart & Final store and coming up with these easy meal ideas. As you can see, we eat fun and easy meals. I hope you have enjoyed them. Find more easy recipes by staying in touch with Smart & Final on Twitter and Facebook.

Which of these three meals sounds most delicious to you?


  1. Umm, this post made me so hungry! LOL. The fruit there looks so good!!! We need more places like this where I live!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Too bad I live in NY and that store is in CA!! I never thought to use waffles instead of bread for a BLT or as a snack with Peanut Butter either--sounds good to me-and of course a breakfast of waffles is always good.

  3. YUM!! I wish they had these in my area as well. Great idea with the waffles!!

  4. mmmm I love the waffle BLT for lunch! I know we usually have waffles (ok we do when my daughter is home for the summer) so we may be trying this one this week while she is still home. Thanks for the reminder.

    Wish we had a great place to shop like you do - I might actually enjoy grocery shopping if that happened

  5. OMG! A waffle sandwich?! Why didn't I think of that! This post is truly drool-worth... I wish we had a Smart & Final near us... :(

  6. I really liked this store. Plenty of parking, super clean and such a great selection. Now we now where was can stop by and enjoy coffee and wi-fi while we are doing there with A.B.

  7. The waffle BLT was my favorite recipe of all three, and it really only took about 5 minutes to make.

  8. Oh these all looks so delicious, I'm really liking those PB Waffles, I may try that for breakfast for the kids! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow, those waffles look really good! Yum! We don't have a Smart & Final where I live, maybe they will open one up here soon.


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