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Walmart's Cheap Wireless Plan : How Is It Working For Us?

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A few weeks ago we partnered up with #cbias to let you know about the Walmart Family Mobile Cheap Wireless Plan. We have been trying out this service for a few weeks and today we are giving you an update on how it is going. 

I have to begin with the fact that I still can't believe you can get unlimited plans for under forty dollars. That's right, current roll back price for unlimited service is $39.88! We have been going the affordable route of prepaid for years now, and had yet to bump into a lower price. And after using the service for a few weeks, I can tell you that it is not lacking in anything. We haven't had dropped calls or 3g issues when out of the house. I can access my emails, Instagram, Twitter and FB as well as games and apps I love. Keeping track of my account is a breeze too with updated info always available where ever I check in from. 

Going with a plan like Walmart Family Mobile does not mean you have to give up on having the latest phones either. There is a phone for every budget and even the techie lovers will love this selection. They have everything from an iPhone 5 to a very simple flip phone, for those of you who have not graduated to smart phones yet (like my grandma). And if you are looking for a deal on a great smart phone, right now there is a roll back on the Concord phone and the My Touch. The Concord is the phone that we received and it is a great phone. I would definitely say this is a good starter phone for all those children out there who's time has come to get their first phone. 

For us, having a cell phone carrier that is affordable means many things. It means more of us can get cell phones, which makes keeping in touch easier. It means we can call each other to find out who is picking up the kids today from school, and if anyone is running late we can make a quick call or text. We have a reliable phone number where the schools can call us, should an emergency arise. We have access to emails when we are out, which is uber important when you are a blogger. And soon two of our kids who are going to be doing back to school activities, will also have phones so we can keep contact and find out when they will be ready to be picked up. 

Walmart Family Mobile is helping us manage our families large schedule and allowing us to do all of the above while staying way under budget. With more school supplies and clothing still pending to be purchased, we need that extra cash. I don't know about you, but I don't need a big brand name phone company with contracts and extra fees for just about everything. I need a reliable phone with an an amazing price, so we can have plenty of extra money left over to actually enjoy having all these kids and getting to do things with them. They can keep their extra fees and contracts and I will keep my cheap wireless plan and all that extra cash, muchas gracias! :)

Find out more about Walmart Family Mobile which was just featured in Live SoFab Magazine's Back To School issue. See how this service is helping other Social Fabric bloggers and find out if this service can help your family stay connected too. #familymobilesaves



  1. We need to switch Jack's plan to this as soon as possible. She is paying almost 10 extra and maybe we can even add a third line for moi!

  2. Kids are needing cell phones now sooner than ever, it's great that their becoming more affordable.

  3. I have been considering switching my cell phone to a prepaid phone from one of the big guys! Walmarts only has a small store anywhere near me but I think maybe I will venture over there and see what is what! Like your Grandma-all I use is a SIMPLE flip top phone with no bows and whistles!

  4. i keep considering trying out this mobile plan! i really need to

  5. You know, I never considered Walmart for my mobile plan... maybe I need to go talk to them... thank you

  6. That's awesome that its working out so well for you! We currently have Boost month to month, but are very happy with them. But if things change, then I will consider Walmart's Family Plan

  7. I'm with you - especially when you have kids, there are so many better ways to use your funds than overpaying on cell service! Being able to add more lines and still save - that's just icing on the cake! I'm so glad to read how well Walmart Family Mobile is working out for your family. I've been looking for a more affordable plan for my own family and I think I'll have to follow your lead!


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