What I Am Up To : Visiting The Fam #IE - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

What I Am Up To : Visiting The Fam #IE

Last week I went back to school, that means things are now busier than ever and I am going to have to work on doing it all: school, be mommy/breast feeder and blogger. Yesterday Julius and I took the bus to Hemet, which happens to be very hot right now. After an almost two hour bus trip, Julius was happy to see the family.

The first thing we did was have lunch at In N Out followed by a trip to Marshall's. Everyone else bought shoes while I found this huge tote bag for only $15 plus that cute Tre's chic sweater. I am starting to fill my fall wardrobe and this sweater will go with my new boots. 

This morning I forced my mom to take me to Denny's. Julius got his own table next to ours. He  also got his own kids meal, 2 eggs and yogurt. This kid isn't even 9 months old and he is getting his own meals already.

After that we hit the 100 degree weather to head over to Walmart for a new #shop I am taking part in. It was incredibly hot and sticky. 

As my family already knows, I can not go into any store and not purchase a few things. I set out to look through all the really colorful tees and shorts. 

This is everything that I bought. Cute little shorts for hanging out at home and a turqouise wife-beater. Nesquik, which I live off of, and of course some spicy Spam. 

 When we got home it was so hot, I did a rain dance, and it worked! It rained for all of 15 minutes. It was awesome.

 Here is a closeup of my new cosmetics. I had been in search of the limited edition Baby lips, I got the Oh Orange. I will share a pic once I try it. 

I should be heading home tomorrow and ready for a relaxing weekend. I enjoy visiting my family, but it's really hectic when I do and I always need a few days to relax afterwards. 

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy day. Julius is so cute. I think my daughter was about nine months when she wanted solid foods. I really like Spam too and didn't know that they sold a spicy kind. I will have to check it out.


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