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Freshen Up In A Pinch w/ fresh + sexy Wipes

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My days are incredibly busy. Between school and watching Julius who is now starting to walk, there is not a lot of time for intimacy or even much bonding with my boyfriend. Sometimes the opportunity will arise just out of the blue and I have to be fresh and sexy at the drop of a hat. So how does one freshen up in a pinch? Easy with the new fresh + sexy wipes by Playtex.

You know even if you've been with your partner for years, it can be hard to always feel confident that we are clean down there. The days are long and this summer especially has been really hot. After running after a baby all day, I know I for one, don't feel fresh and clean. In fact I tend to feel more icky and sticky than anything else. But now I have some cute little fresh + sexy packets placed in several areas of our room, as well as my purse, and I can just rip one open and get freshened up, even after the most hectic day. There are a few days of the month too, right before and after my period, that I need some extra freshening up, and these wipes are big and thick enough to do a nice clean up. Nothing is substitute for a good shower, but these little wipes can literally be a lifesaver when there is no time for that shower. If you have kids, this is probably all the time. 

Great places to place a fresh + sexy wipe for easy access:
  • in your bag : hey you're in a relationship and you never know when the need will arise. So put a few little packets in your purse so you can be ready.
  • on the nightstand : either in a drawer or right on the nightstand there is no better place for easy access. 
  • in your boyfriends pants pocket : not all my outfits include a bag or purse, when I am not carrying one, his pocket is a great place to carry one.
  • overnight bag : the single packs are especially perfect for when you are spending a night out or are going on vacation. 
  • in the bathroom : aha! Because I usually run in there to wash my mouth out with some mouthwash, so what better place to stash the 40ct container.
  • under your pillow : can it get any easier than this?

Good personal hygiene is a must in any relationship. Don't let your intimacy suffer because you are just not sure how clean it might be down there. Fresh and sexy wipes are great before and after wipes that will leave you feeling fresh, clean and confident. Find out more about fresh + sexy wipes.

Where you do you keep your fresh + sexy (or other) intimate wipes?

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