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Gameday Snickers S'mores : Easy & Yummy!

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Oh hello chocolate lovers! I have admitted openly in the past about my immense love of chocolate. It's probably my only real vice, well that and shopping. I can't go more than a day or two without some sort of candy and that usually means that I stock up on candy bars. Snickers is one of my favorite chocolate candies and today I get to share a super simple recipe for when you go tailgating with the boyfriend. We don't get to go to games too often since Mario usually works weekends, but when we do, the food before the game is always the best part for me. 

My job was to take these new Snickers Bites and make something yummy that would be easy to make and enjoy. I thought about it for the longest time and I kept thinking cupcakes, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that cupcakes would have to be pre-made and would not make for easy packing. So what would be a perfect Game Day dessert that is not just super yummy but also fun?

S'MORES baby! And of course these won't be regular s'mores but Snickers S'mores!!

(makes 8 s'mores)

8 graham crackers - 16 squares
16 marshmallows
1 bag of Snickers bites

If you have access to direct fire make traditional way. Place 3-4 Snickers bites on graham crackers and top with roasted marshmallow then top with second graham cracker. If you are using a grill then you just need some heavy duty paper foil sqaures. Wrap the assembled s'more into the square and place on grill for about 4 minutes. This makes an even gooier s'more!

Either way you decide to make your Snickers bites s'mores they will be delicious. The peanuts in the snickers gives an added crunch and the caramel adds so much new flavor to an old favorite. 

The smore's came out so good and because Snickers bites are so small they worked really well for this recipe. And if I am guessing right you are probably wanting to try some right away. These bite sized treats come in Snickers and Milky Way and are an easier way to eat some chocolate without totally overdoing it. Before you head to the store, I want to share a coupon that will save you .50 for the personal size or $1.00 on the larger bag. But if you share the coupon with friends on social media, both of  the coupons can double in value! Click the link here to get your coupon!

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