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Perfect Loose Curl Hair Tutorial w/ the Conair Curl Secret

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I learned how to use a curling iron at the age of 15 after watching many YouTube videos. All the girls whose hair I loved had some sort of curl or wave and I wanted my hair to look just like theirs. But learning how to make that perfect curl hasn't always been easy, and I have gone through so many curling irons. That is why I was very excited for the opportunity to try the Conair Curl Secret.  As soon as I saw the promotional video for the Conair Curl Secret I was in love and I knew I had to try this hair styling tool.

My current hairstyle is a loose curl and I wear this style basically every time I go out. Even though my hair is thin, it's very long and it takes me a good 35-40 minutes to get it completely curled. That is why I am always switching out my curling irons, hoping that a new one can cut that time down and make it easier.  That is exactly what the Conair Curl Secret does, it allows you to get the perfect curl with almost no effort at all on your part. It draws your hair into the curl chamber and even times the curl for you, so there is no way to get it wrong. I wish I would have had this curling iron when I was 15 years old. It would have made styling my hair so much easier!

In order to show you what an amazing job the Conair Curl Secret does, I am going to share a tutorial with you. I decided to simply jazz up my regular loose curl style with the Curl Secret. I wanted this tutorial to be very genuine for anyone who has not used the Curl Secret so this I made this the first time I used it. You will see how easy it was for me to get the perfect loose curl style, the first time around. This is a look that is great for everyday and only took me 20 minutes to do. 


Brush out hair completely until all tangles are gone. It is important that your hair is completely tangle free when using the Curl Secret. Then separate hair into layers, you should have three layers total. Clip or hold two layers on top and start with the bottom one. Before starting apply heat protectant to the first layer. Now we are ready to curl. Gather a small amount of hair and holding the Curl Secret with the heat chamber facing you, place hair into the chamber where ever you want the curl to begin. The Curl Secret then draws your hair in and spins it a few times. You will know your hair is ready when you hear a steady beeping. Release the wand and you should have a perfect ringlet.

Continue with the first layer, gathering small amounts of hair at a time for a better curl. When you are done with the first layer, lower the next one down, apply heat protectant and repeat. After all hair is curled fluff out with your hands gently, starting with the roots to give that area some body. I don't brush out the curls or mess with them too much so the curl can stay clean and frizz free. The last thing I do is go around my entire head and add hair spray into the curls to keep them in place for the day. 

My results.

I was surprised at how nice my hair ended up since it was the very first time using the Curl Secret and I was more than amazed with how fast and easy it was to use. If you have always wanted those perfect beachy curls or loose curls that celebs have, this is how you can achieve them effortlessly. The Conair Curl Secret sells for only $99 at Walmart, which is an affordable price for what it gives you and especially when compared to similar curling irons. If you purchase direct from Conair you will pay $150, so definitely look for it at Walmart. 

Put the Curl Secret on your shopping list for the coming holidays, for you or a loved one. This would make a great gift for a teen, who like myself when I was that age, longs for the perfect curling iron. It's also safer than regular curling irons because there is no chance of burning yourself. Do you know how many times I have burned my hands, forehead and ears? Too many to count! 

Today I got long lasting, perfect curls in half the time it usually takes me. Luckily, the Conair Curl Secret is not a secret and we can all get one. I can't wait to see what other hair styles I can come up with. I am excited to have such an incredible tool at my disposal. This is going to be fun!

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