#Recipe : Licuado de Calabaza + Very Rare $1 Off Milk Coupon #Positivismo - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

#Recipe : Licuado de Calabaza + Very Rare $1 Off Milk Coupon #Positivismo

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The holiday season is the best because of all the food we get to eat! We have spent most of the month of October snacking away on all kinds of baked goods accompanied by a cold glass of milk. I am a big milk drinker, my drink of choice being chocolate milk, but I also love baking and making licuados de leche with it. Today I am taking a recipe that is pretty new to us but that I really enjoyed in the end. My mom is always talking about Pumpkin Spice coffee, lattes, breads and as much pumpkin as she can get. When it came time for me to share a recipe that features milk, I decided to do a spin on our favorite licuados and incorporate her beloved pumpkin. 

Here is my very simple recipe for Licuado de Calabaza or Pumkpin Shake. 

This makes one blender full of licuado or 2-4 glasses 

Milk: 2 cups whole/skim milk
Orange Juice: 1 cup OJ
Pumpkin: 2 cups of pumpkin canned or fresh / you can also do steamed versus raw
Vanilla: 1/2 teaspoon of Vanilla
Pilonsillo: 4 Tablespoons for garnish over the licuados
Brown Sugar: 3/4 cups of Brown Sugar
Cinnamon Sticks: for garnish only, they make it look cute
Banana: 1 Banana

Instructions- Easy, just throw in the blender and blend away for about 30 seconds to a minute.

For a more coffee house type drink you can top off with whipped cream, cinnamon and nutmeg. You can also add more sugar or less, depending on your sweet tooth. My sisters all told me this needed more sugar. But I like to keep things as low cal as possible without going diet so this amount was fine by me.

This is the sneak peek I shared on Instagram when we prepared it.

We made two blenders full of this licuado, so it was a hit. We are going to be working on  a few variations this weekend, if anything good comes up I will be sure to share it. I know we also want to make dulces de calabaza, if we manage to pull that off I will let you know for sure! 

When you make your shopping list for this coming week, don't forget to add the milk, you will need it for all the baking and cooking ahead! Save some money on that milk by grabbing this very rare $1 off 2 gallons of milk coupon. Get that printed out before heading to the store and save some cash.

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