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Easy Summer Meals With Instant Savings

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Summer is a great time to enjoy family and friends without all those school year stresses. That's why I try to simplify my life as much as possible. One of the tricks to surviving summer is stocking up on basics so that I don't find myself running to the store more than once a week or last minute, even though we are packing a full house. With so many kids running around and three to four meals having to be prepared a day, it's not easy to keep food in stock for long. But when you are a Sam's Club member, it is easy to stock up on family favorites with their bulk packaging on the items we use the most. Shopping in club for these items goes a long way to stretching out the food budget, and because I am the C.E.O. of the Lazy Cooks Association, I can find so many quick meal ideas.

 For the next few days you can visit Sam's Club and score on Instant Savings on KRAFT items. I went this weekend to grab my deals and now I am sharing with you so you can get down there and stock up before the extra savings are gone.

KRAFT Easy Mac Cups:  Currently featured in the Sam’s Club Instant Savings Booklet at $2 off for a value of $7.68. I love these easy-to-make cups for enjoying a hot meal on the go or for when I want something warm and comforting, but don't have the time to cook. This 12 cup box will last a lot longer than the one from the grocery store.

KRAFT American Singles: Currently featured in the Sam’s Club Instant Savings Booklet at $1.75 off for a value of $5.03. Always made with real milk, Individually wrapped, No artificial preservatives or flavors, Excellent source of calcium. These are a staple in our fridge because you can throw a slice of cheese on anything and that immediately just makes it better! Cheese is a pretty big deal at my house. I like buying this 72 slice package and sending half to my sisters house, this saves us a lot versus buying the small packs.

Most exciting to me because I am a bit kid at heart are the Kool Aid Jammers: Currently featured in the Sam’s Club Instant Savings Booklet at $1.50 off for a value of $5.03. Made with real fruit juice, 100% daily value of Vitamin C. Both China and I still drink these type of juices and when the kids come over it is so much easier to give them a juice pouch than to serve a million little cups. These are so convenient for gatherings at home and especially for taking on-the-go. This Instant Savings Deal at Sam's Club gives you 4-10 packs for $5.03! Huge savings!

These special INSTANT SAVINGS are only available at Sam's Club through July 20th


I told you what a bad couponer I am, so instant savings are my kind of savings because you don't need to clip any coupons. With your Sam's Club membership, the savings are instant.

I enjoy shopping in club at Sam's Club. It's not so crazy packed, there is food to eat before or after shopping and those deals go a long way for a big family like mine. You can't see it in the picture but I also purchased three rotisserie chickens!

 The rest of this week has been crazy busy with lots of fun outings and not a lot of cooking time. Summer meals happen to be my specialty though and this is one of the recipes that I can create within a matter of minutes to feed me and the little guy. We love cheese (who doesn't) and we love taking the KRAFT Easy Mac Cups and making all kinds of little creations with them. Today I made a Three Cheese Mac & Cheese Cup. My abuelita finished the cotija cheese, so I substituted it with Parmesan, and it was almost as good. See how easy I made a plate of yummy comfort food for us after spending all day out.

Tres Quesos Mac & Cheese: 1 cup

KRAFT Easy Mac Cups
1 slice of cut up KRAFT American Singles
A few dashes of Cotija cheese or Parmesan Cheese

Prep: Add water to the KRAFT Easy Mac Cup and microwave for 2 minutes. Carefully pull out and add the KRAFT American Single slice and parmesan. Microwave for another minute and a half and then allow to cool for a few minutes. I don't enjoy eating in the cup as much as Julius so I prefer to let it mold a bit in the cup and then carefully place it on a nice plate. Sprinkle extra parmesan and enjoy.

Making quick meals like this one, gives me more time to spend with this handsome fella. Dinner for two is now served.

Don't forget to visit Sam's Club to get your Instant Savings, you have until July 20th!

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