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Double Vanilla Iced Coffee w/ Smart & Final

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Coffee, it's what I live for. Don't worry, I'm just kidding, but coffee does happen to be a very big part of my life. I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that my mom is one of the world's biggest coffee drinkers, but we have been around coffee and in coffee houses since we were wee toddlers. That means that as we got older, we also came to love our coffee as much as my mom and as much as my abuelita. But I will tell you one thing, it can be an expensive little habit. My mom and I were recently budgeting our accounts for the new year and when we saw how much we had been spending on pricey coffee house drinks per month, we about had a heart attack! With what we (as a family) where spending per month, we could have easily been making a car payment. Isn't that just beyond crazy? Well crazy is right, my momma went crazy, and got super mad and told all of us that the coffee card was being discontinued until further notice. No more over-priced coffee everyday for us, we need to go into the new year with less frivolous spending. But that's all right, because we can still make our own coffee at home, which we do anyways using Ambiance coffee from Smart & Final

Everyday before heading out the door or especially if we are staying in, I make a pot of coffee for everyone. You just can't start the day without coffee, and hot cup first thing in the morning is a must. It's those mid-day and early evening outside coffee runs that get us in trouble, so it was time to visit Smart & Final and grab more of our two favorite flavors of Ambiance Coffee, French Vanilla and Kona Style. We were really young when we lived in Hawaii, but as islanders, the taste of Kona coffee runs in our veins. French Vanilla is everyone's second favorite, especially for iced coffee concoctions. 

If you have yet to try the Ambiance coffee line from Smart & Final, you are missing out on a great cup of coffee. And look at that price for the 12oz bag of coffee, it's on sale this week for only $5.49! What a value, and for the great true coffee flavor of such a good quality line of coffee. 

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Smart & Final is a one-stop shop so of course they have everything for your pantry, so I grabbed our groceries for the week including the rest of the items we need for a yummy iced coffee recipe. I grabbed a canister of Ambiance sugar, some First Street Half & Half plus some vanilla extract. 

Vanilla is our favorite iced coffee flavor, today I want to share a very easy double-vanilla iced coffee recipe that will curb the need to stop by the coffee house pronto. One of the little tricks that goes into my hot morning coffee is always vanilla extract and some cinnamon, so sometimes I can even use the left over coffee from the morning to make my afternoon treat. Or make a fresh pot and make everyone a great little mid-day pick me up. 

Double-Vanilla Iced Coffee (serves 4)
4-5tbsp Ambiance French Vanilla Coffee
2tbsp Vanilla Extract
Half & Half (to taste)
Sugar or Sweet n Low (to taste)

Prepare your coffee the same way you always do. When I got my apartment I didn't have a coffee maker so mom gave me her French Press which makes the freshest tasting coffee. It's just important to add the vanilla before brewing so that the flavor can really infuse itself into the whole pot. This is how I prepare it:

Add 5 tbsp of ground coffee and vanilla to French Press and pour in the hot water. Stir for a few seconds gently to mix all the grounds. Put lid on the press with the plunger up and let steep for 5 min. Now slowly press the plunger down and serve immediately into cups filled with ice. Pour Half & Half plus sugar depending on everyone's taste. 

Now just sit back and enjoy.

Not only is this a convenient way to enjoy an iced treat anytime of day from the comfort  of home, it is also such a budget friendly way to do so. Imagine how much money we will be able to save not having to head out for an expensive coffee a few times a day. It's the new year and after all those expenses, we need to do this for a few months at least. And Ambiance coffee is just as delicious as going out (if not more) and now we will get to be more creative in coming up with fun and yummy recipes. 

It's a new year and we have so much to be thankful for. Let's get this year started on the right foot and set some goals for ourselves. I'm on my way to reaching my goal of being a savvier spender by enjoying more coffee at home. What are some of your resolutions?

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