Prepping Your Body For a Peaceful Night - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Prepping Your Body For a Peaceful Night

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My work shifts consist of a lot of 5:00AM calls, which means that I have to be up to get ready an hour before that. Waking up really early isn't the hardest part for me though, the hard part for me has been going to be bed and getting enough sleep. When I know that I have to be up that early my body betrays me and refuses to settle down, there are days that I go to work with just a few hours of sleep under my belt because I could just not get my brain to calm down. The dark circles and bags under my eyes tell the tale of the many sleepless nights I encounter. I have found though that there are some things I can do to prepare my body and mind for a better more peaceful night. 

Prepping Your Body For a Peaceful Night

Enjoy a peaceful cup of tea or warm milk: I already practice never eating heavy meals after 6, something which always makes for a better night's rest. But on those days when I know that sleeping is going to be a challenge, a hot cup of tea & honey or some warm milk before bed can really help.
Ditch the electronics and hour before bed: I've been reading a lot about how bad our cell phones and tablets are at bedtime. I'm one of those people whose phone never leaves their hand, but the hour before bed is a bad time to be on this device because it doesn't let your mind wind down and prepare to rest. Plus sometimes I will see something particularly disturbing right before bed and will actually dream about it.  Instead to prep your mind for rest, light reading is encouraged. I am not a big book reader but I do love to browse magazines. 
Medidation: As a school portrait photographer, I work with kids all day long. Sometimes it's in loud cafeterias full of hundreds of kids who are grumpy and hungry, or it can be outdoors in the sun and wind trying to capture shots of teams and rowdy boys. It's not the most peaceful of jobs by far. Something that really helps me get my body and mind ready for a peaceful night is a few minutes of meditation. It's hard to believe that just a few minutes can make a difference but when days are long and busy, even a few minutes can help. Mediation reduces the day's stress: sit alone a few minutes, let your mind concentrate on something good in the day or on nothing at all , breathe deeply, relax and let all those worries from the day wind away. 
Say goodbye to minor aches and pains: Carrying around tarps and other heavy photography equipment can leave my body with aches that can keep me up at night. If you suffer from those same, occasional minor aches and pains, Advil PM can help you fall asleep soundly and wake well rested when used as directed. 
Fight Heartburn: Part of getting a good night's sleep, is knowing that heartburn will not be waking me up in the middle of the night. Taking one Nexium 24HR pill each morning helps treat frequent heartburn so your nights aren't interrupted by the discomfort of heartburn. Nexium 24HR does not contain a sleep aid and just one pill daily gives you all-day, all-night protection.
Our days are busier than ever, which means we really need to get as much sleep as we can every night. Having a sleep routine regimen that includes my tips can help prepare your body for a peaceful and restful night. I know that putting these steps into play have really helped me a lot, so that I can wake up at 4:00AM rested and ready for the new day. 
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Here's to a good night's sleep for all! Find more sleep solutions and ideas at the Walgreens Social Hub. 

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