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5 Things You Should Be Buying Online

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When you're as busy as I am shopping online can be a real lifesaver. I do in fact do 80% of my shopping online and it's how I manage to stay on top of things that might have been left by the wayside. But I keep a constant list of things we need around the house or for the kids and a few nights a week I sit down to get it all ordered. This makes less trips to the store for me, on days that I am already incredibly busy, and it buys me more free time to spend with Julius on the weeks he gets to spend with me. 

Of course we can't buy everything we need online, but how I wish we could! There are things like groceries that still require constant trips to the store and until those services are available, you will still find me shopping for them in-store. But so many things can be ordered from the comfort of your home and delivered to your door, without having to stand in long lines or push heavy carts around. Today I want to share my top 5 things you should be buying online.

5 Things You Should Be Buying Online

High-end Cosmetics: I love taking advantage of cash back sites that give you back a percentage of your purchase, especially when I am shopping for items that are higher in price. When it comes to high-end makeup, I always visit the counter first to check a product out in person and color match and will then place my order from home. That way I can get some cash back on my expensive purchase and take advantage of any samples or freebies that may be offered with purchase. 

Diapers: Diapers are one of the items that I can always find a better deal for online rather than in-store, especially on the larger boxes. Plus another perk of buying these large boxes of diapers online is that I don't have to carry them home, instead I can await for them to arrive to my door. 

Bulk Items: Big bulky items like toilet paper, paper towels and bulk or large cleaning supplies are easier to order online. I know that it's popular to shop at the big box store on weekends but I have a tiny car and a normal trip to one of those stores doesn't fit into it. Instead I order my larger and bulk items online and visit the store for the rest. 

Books: Books are expensive, so much so that it's almost a luxury to be able to buy a book and I can't afford to buy all the ones I want in the fancy book stores. Online book stores are a much better place to score a good deal on that book you've been hearing so much about and I can usually buy two for the price of one in-store. 

Motor Oil: Depending on time we will either take our car to get its regular oil change at Walmart or do it ourselves at home and that's why I always order Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage Motor Oil from Walmart.com. Many Penzzoil items are on rollback right now so it is a great time to stock up on your vehicle maintenance needs. 
Ordering Penzzoil motor oil online saves me time and energy and means we always have it in the garage for when its time to do the next oil change. I can order it online and either have it delivered at home or I can pick it up if I am going to be in-store. I like how convenient it is to pick up my item in-store while skipping the lines and still grabbing that gallon of milk I desperately needed to pick up.
Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage Motor Oil helps to reduce leaks and oil consumption in worn or higher mileage engines. It's a motor oil that is specifically designed for new or late model vehicles with over 75,000 miles, to help keep the engines running clean and going strong for a long time. Our car has a lot of miles on it but this motor oil helps to keep it going strong.
Online shopping is a convenient way to get a lot of my personal and household shopping done without me having to spend time in crowded stores and long lines. The less time I can spend doing the shopping, the more time I can spend with my son doing things that are a lot more fun, like watching a movie or going to the park. What are some of the things that you shop for online?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I agree that ordering some things online makes life so much easier...but I didn't know about ordering oil online. Awesome! #client


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