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Easy Hair Color At Home & 5 Minute Beachy Waves

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We're on the last weeks of summer break before school starts again and it really feels like the summer break went by way too fast. With only a few weeks left, I feel like we have to put the gas pedal on all the items still left to do on our summer bucket list. But I'm working during most of the week, which means that those little slivers of free time that I do have off have to be spent doing those fun things. There's just no time to lose when all you have is three weeks of summer fun left. 

This week it was time to color my hair and give it a refresher. I've been coloring my hair at home for a few years now and enjoy the convenience of changing up or freshening up my color every two months on my own. I picked up Schwarzkopf Keratin Color hair color at Walmart in the shade  Delicate Praline and went home the other evening to do my hair right before bed, that way my hair coloring time did not interfere at all with my day off the next day. 

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color gives you Professional quality hair color at home that offers flattering colors while caring for the hair. It has a 3-step color process that is easy to follow: start by Pre-Treating your hair for even color result, Color using the Color Creme and Developer Lotion and follow up with the Complex Conditioner. If you've never colored your own hair at home, there are step-by-step instructions included in the box so you can easily follow along. Everything is labeled clearly so there is no way to mess it up.

Before you know it you will have rich, shiny summer-ready hair color once again. Now to style it without taking more than ten minutes!

On a summer morning and your day off, the last thing you want to do is pull out the hair curler or flat iron. This is how I get beachy waves into my pretty flat hair without having to use any hot tools. Let's create wet, messy beach look in just minutes.

5 Minute Beachy Waves With No Hot Tools

you will need:
damp hair
sea salt spray

1) Making sure that your hair is damp (not soaking wet) grab your favorite sea salt spray product and spritz generously into the midlength and ends of your hair, scrunching up the hair with your hands as you build your own volume. 

Sea salt spray adds a grit and texture that helps volumize and give the hair a very tousled look. My hair is fine and limp so I am never without a bottle of sea salt spray at home because it's such an easy way to give my hair some texture and volume.

2) I don't use a lot of hair spray on my hair so instead I grab a little bit of mousse and repeat the same motions that I did with the salt spray but mostly on the ends of my hair. 

This will help hold on to the messy wave effect and not give more crunch to the hair, which some hairsprays can do. 

In just a few minutes, I have given my hair a messy, wet beach look that is perfect for hitting the streets with my son to enjoy the last weeks of summer, and with no hot tools. Really, hot hair tools and summer do not mix and this is a great way to style your hair with little-to-no damage. 

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color has given my hair a new lease on summer and I didn't have to spend precious hours at the salon. If you've been feeling like your hair can use a little makeover, I recommend giving it a go, in fact you can try it now for free using this rebate

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