Creating Your Own Moment of Zen - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Creating Your Own Moment of Zen

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The return to school and upcoming fall season is one of the busiest times of the year for me, as I'm sure it is with many of you as well. I am still working as a school photographer which means that it's my busy time there, with many long hour days that leave me pretty beat. I really do love having all the extra work - considering it's my full-time job I am happy to have as much of it as possible, but there are some days that are extra tough. And it's on those days that I so look forward to nothing more than getting home to a little bit of stress relief and relaxation. 

You might imagine that I live in a clean house, filled with nothing but the sound of silence. But that is quite the opposite to what it actually is. I live with two children, one dog and 6 cats, it's not exactly the most relaxing spot on the earth, in fact when I get home it tends to look like a war zone. 

But home is where the heart is, along with the kid, the pets and the coffee!! So I very much look forward to getting there each night and with a little bit of quick elbow grease and some propping, I can be enjoying a moment of relaxation shortly after my arrival. 

Creating Your Own Moment of Zen

Tidy up: It's hard to enjoy a moment of zen when you're sitting on cat hair and stepping on LEGO's. I take 20-30 minutes to dust and vacuum my place each evening. Like I mentioned above, we have many pets, so this is something we must do everyday in order to live. Plus it really is nice to have a tidy space for spending the remaining hours of the day, so I don't mind that little bit of time it takes me to put everything in order. 

Put on a fresh pot of coffee: For me there is nothing more relaxing than a fresh cup of piping hot coffee. 1850™ Brand Coffee is a new-ish brand that I have really been enjoying. It's from the makers of Folgers (the brand that we grew up with in our house) and it's just delicious. My favorite is the 1850™ Black Gold Dark Roast Ground Coffee, which is bold and rich and a perfect way to enjoy some downtime. 

Inspired by the heritage of The Folger Coffee Company, 1850™ Brand Coffee is an evenly roasted coffee made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, fire-roasted and steel cut for a delicious bold but smooth taste. Evenly roasted for consistent coffee flavor with less bitterness, 1850™ Brand Coffee comes in four signature blends of Ground and K-Cup coffee and will also be available in 3 Ready to Drink flavors.

Enjoy some light reading and music: Whether it's the current book you're reading on your Kindle or a new magazine that just arrived in the mail, now is the perfect time to enjoy them. I admit to not being the biggest reader, but I do love a good magazine and love to sit down with them as they arrive each month. 

I also set up my Pandora station to one of my favorite soothing stations: the Engima or Rod Stewart stations do the trick for soothing the soul. Some people like to relax with really loud music, so play what makes you happy. My mom likes to listen to Metallica to relax so I totally get it. 

Don't forget a snack: I am an avid snacker and there is no better time to enjoy a little something special than when you have a fresh cup of joe in front of you. For me it's usually something sweet like a mug cake, or few cookies. Hey - it's been a long day, no one is going to judge you for treating yourself. 

I'll just have me one (or two) of my favorite biscotti's, the perfect pairing for a hot cup of 1850™ Black Gold Dark Roast.

And that's it, you have created your perfect zen spot and moment to just let that long day roll of your shoulders. You can take your little party to your bed ( a favorite of mine), your favorite living room chair, your patio or even just your kitchen table. 

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