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Feeding Time Survival Tips for Multi-Cat Owners

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As a multi-cat household it can get pretty crazy in our home. As of some months ago our furry family consisted of one dog and three black cats that are about 2 years old, which was already enough. But four months ago we took in a stray who was pregnant and delivered the very same day we took her in - she had five kittens. Yes, the black cats are not exactly fans of this 6 member family and there are days that you literally have to separate them all for fear of bloodshed. It gets a little insane having so many cats around, especially since we live in a two floor town home and there isn't tons of space, but we've been able to manage so far. 

The kittens are now 4 months old and are in the process of getting fixed and getting ready to be re-homed. It's not going to be easy for us to let any of them go. That's why our time with them is so special and though it gets a little insane at moments, we're doing our best to make them feel they are part of a family and that they get along with the other cats and dog. 

The craziest time, when you have so many cats, is feeding time. We have a mom who was a stray and is now very food insistent, and five kittens who all want to eat from the same bowl. How do we keep them all from fighting and make sure that they each get their portion of food?

Feeding Time Survival Tips for Multi-Cat Owners

Serve them all separately: A great way to do so is by feeding your cats Meow Mix Simple Servings cups. Our cats love the Tuna & Salmon flavor.

Meow Mix Simple Servings is a new, single serving of delicious wet cat food in a convenient, mess-free cup. These single-serve portions are convenient when feeding multiple cats because everyone will get their own portion and there is no fighting over bowls. 

Free up time by getting feeding time done faster: Feeding time is fast and easy because Meow Mix® Simple Servings™ are easy-to-open and easy-to-serve with no feeding bowls or utensils needed. 

No wasted food: The portion of food in each cup is just right so there are no leftovers and no waste. Wasted food is not something we can afford with so many cats under one roof. 

Make clean-up a breeze: Clean-up is also a breeze when the cats eat straight out of the Meow Mix® Simple Servings™cup. After they eat I can gather all the cups and throw them out so that the tuna scent won't linger in the house. 

A few of the kittens prefer eating in a bowl and that's fine too, the important thing is that they each get the correct portion of food and proper nutrition their bodies need.

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We never set out to have so many cats, we weren't even looking for anymore after already having our older cats. But life happens and we are thankful that we were able to save Fluffy and her kittens from an uncertain future. Now Fluffy is fixed and won't have any more kittens, and her babies will have good homes where they will lead happy, long lives. 

In the meantime, taking care of this family of six is so rewarding. Cats are just so special. That's why watching them eat and seeing them enjoy their food is so important. They love the pieces of real seafood a savory sauce in Meow Mix Simple Servings Tuna & Salmon and finish every bite. 

Don't forget to stop by Target and pick up Meow Mix Simple Servings with the 20% off Cartwheel app offer from now until 11/15. Visit DailyBreak.com for more feline fun and feeding time inspiration. 

Messy Knot Half Up Half Down Hair for Fall

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Fall is such a busy time of the year and with Halloween only a few weeks away it's even more hectic. As you know, I have a very full schedule including a full-time job, but I don't like to ever leave my house without looking put together. Because mornings are so rushed, there is very little of either makeup or hairstyle happening most days. But there will always be something, because I won't leave my house looking like I just woke up.

Today's makeup is very natural, as it is most weekdays, and only took me about ten minutes to put on this morning. My everyday hairstyle consists of a tight bun on top of my head that I can put together super quickly too. But my day isn't over at 5:30 when I am off work and I have to find a way to take my day look quickly into night so I can get back out the door to enjoy some fall activities with the fam - or a second round of work.

Today I am going to share how I can quickly take that bun down and give my hair a style using Got2b® Volumaniac Hair Spray and Got2b® Volumaniac Mousse, which you can now find at Walmart. I have very thin hair which means that I am in love with these two products that give my hair so much needed volume. You can go crazy with insane volume from root to tip with Got2b® Volumaniac Hair Spray / Volumaniac Mousse. This exclusive root boosting technology will create the insane lift you need to take your style to a whole new level, and it's great for everyday styles like mine too. Anyone who needs some extra volume in their hair can benefit from these products, and I love how affordable they are at Walmart!

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Did I mention that this style takes less than ten minutes? There really is nothing to it, but you will see that it ends up looking quite cute and it's a lot more fun for an evening fall outing versus my all-day bun.

Since my hair is dry the first step is to take it out of the bun and give it a quick brushing. Normally, I would go in with the Got2b® Volumaniac Mousse, but since my hair is not freshly washed I am skipping that step for now. But if you hair is damp definitely start with the mousse for added hold and volume.

I will take the top portion of my hair, depending on how big I want my knot to be and instead of making another bun, I will now twist the hair and make more of a messy knot. You will find this knot gets messier as the day goes on but that's what I love about this style, it's not super polished but quite fun. 

Now we are going to do the quickest curl job known to man, remember, we are on a tight schedule here. 

Taking my heated curling iron I will start curling my hair on one side, taking small pieces of hair and only curling from the middle of my hair. This is just a light curl that will translate more as messy, chunky waves and not curls. 

Because a good portion of our hair is in the top knot, there isn't much left too curl, at least not on me. I don't have a lot of hair and can get the hair curled on both sides in about 5 minutes. 

Once you are done curling all of your hair, it's time to run your fingers through the curls to break them up a little. 

You don't want to brush the curls out completely, that's why I go in with my fingers versus a brush. 

Now, using the Got2b® Volumaniac Hair Spray we will give our hair more volume by spraying sections of the hair and giving it a good scrunch. I also like to give my roots a spraying and using my fingers add more volume that way too. 

Voila! In less than ten minutes we have a hairstyle that is perfect for a fall evening outdoors. I popped on some fresh lipstick, a little blush and can now grab a plaid top and vamonos. 

I hope my ten minute hairstyle has given you some fall inspiration for an easy hairstyle. Sure it would be nice to have an hour, or more to get ready, but most of us don't have that kind of time and yet we can still look ready and pulled together. Don't forget to check out Got2b® products at Walmart.

Are You a Road Warrior? My Travel Must Haves

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Living in Southern California one of my favorite things to do is pack a small bag and hit the road for a road trip or weekend staycation. We live within driving distance of so many great locations that it's so easy to pack a small bag and hit the road.

Unfortunately as luck would have it, I always happen to get my period around the time that I have a few days off to enjoy. Doesn't it always happen like that? Mother nature always comes to visit at the most inopportune moments. But I've discovered something that's made my period more tolerable while traveling and today I'm going go tell you all about it along with the rest of my travel must haves.

1: As a blogger and social media influencer, I am always on and there are always new deadlines to meet. My computer and headphones are my #1 travel must have because as long as I have those, and a Wi-Fi signal, I can work from anywhere. 

2: A good book is also a travel essential for me, especially if we're taking a road trip and I will have some free time. Thus is actually a great time to catch up on my reading, which has really been lacking as of late.

3: Of course you can't take a few days off without bringing along a camera. I take a lot of photos on my phone but I also love to bring along my camera for instant photo memories.

4: A handful of my must-have cosmetics always go with me as well. For a weekend away I don't need much more than the bare essentials: foundation, powder, a lipstick and some mascara. 

5: If you're a woman then you know that personal products are always a must have when traveling for any amount of time. It never fails that mother nature will decide that it's time for your period, just as you're taking some time off. But The DivaCup, something newer to me, is really convenient when it comes to traveling during that time of the month.

The DivaCup is a reusable, bell-shaped silicone menstrual cup that is suitable for girls and women of all ages. Offering 12 hours of leak-free protection, The DivaCup is clean, comfortable and convenient, providing a better period care option than tampons and pads. The DivaCup is reusable and eco-friendly – and saves money versus traditional period products. It's also free of chemicals, plastic, BPA, latex and dyes.

DivaCup Model 1: recommended for women under the age of 30 who have never delivered vaginally or by cesarean section.
DivaCup Model 2: recommended for women age 30 and over/or for women who have delivered vaginally or by cesarean section.

Curious about The DivaCup and if it will work for your lifestyle? Read the User Guide to find out exactly how it works.

I purchased my DivaCup at Albertsons in the feminine care asile, you can find The DivaCup using this store locator

For me it's about Period Confidence, I don't want to sweat leaks during my travels. I have always had a very heavy flow and the first few days of my period means changing my tampon every few hours. The 12-hour leak protection is what makes The DivaCup a must have for me when traveling. With The DivaCup, I enjoy the convenience and confidence of knowing that I am protected until the next rest stop or until we reach our destination.