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Easy Mexican Street Style Hot Dogs & Coca-Cola de Mexico

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If you ask me what the best thing is about growing up Mexican, I would have to say that it's the food. I know that I could say that it's the fact that Mexicans put family above everything else, that we are a strong people, the ultimate underdogs. And we are. But for me, the food is actually where it's at.  

I grew up with the traditional Mexican abuelita, whose way of showing love has always been by feeding you, a lot. Many of my memories growing up are of her in the kitchen with her mandil (apron) on, cooking something that always smelled picoso and very delicious. You always know when you've walked into a Mexican home, just by the smell of the food cooking at the stove. You also know you're in  Mexican home, when you spot the traditional 6 pack of Coca-Cola™ at the table.

It's National Hispanic Heritage Month and to give you a taste of my childhood, today I am sharing a recipe for one of my favorite meals, hot dogs. But not just any hot dogs, these are the hot dogs that I grew up eating. They are known as Mexican Street Hot dogs to some and paired with a cold glass bottle of  Coca-Cola, they are perfection!

Sure, Latinos love hotdogs just as much as everyone else. Personally, my favorite is a hot dog with a ton of mustard, relish and large side of chips. But these bacon-wrapped hotdogs that are covered in sautéed veggies with a salted jalapeño pepper on the side, will take that somewhat basic hot dog and kick it up a notch with a ton of sabor

What I love about these Mexican Street Style Hotdogs is that they are still easy and fast to prepare, just like regular hot dogs. But the flavor payoff is going to be so much more amazing, your entire home is going to smell delicious when you're cooking these up.

Mexican Street Style Hot Dogs 
(for 5 hot dogs)

5 hot dogs
5 pieces of bacon
jalapeño peppers
2 medium bell peppers 
1/2 onion 


Begin by slicing onion and bell peppers into strips. Wrap each hot dog with a piece of bacon, if you need help keeping the bacon wrapped you can use a toothpick. Now bring a grill pan to high heat on the stove, once that is ready you will add: onion, bell peppers, jalapeño peppers and hot dogs to it. Salt jalapeño peppers and rotate everything while cooking.

Cook onion and bell peppers for about 4 minutes or until softened. The hot dogs will need to cook for about 6 minutes, making sure to rotate every few minutes the bacon will cook evenly and the hot dog inside. The jalapeño peppers will be about 5 minutes, you just want to get a nice sear on each side to make them really easy to bite. 

Place a bacon-wrapped hot dog into each bun and cover with sautéed veggies. 

The onions are my favorite! Lastly, add a jalapeño pepper to each plate. They smell so good that you will want to eat them immediately!

The only thing that can make this dish better is to pair it with the perfect drink, one that comes from my family's country, Mexico. Coke De Mexico 12 oz. glass bottles are special, I don't know if it's because they are in a glass bottle or because I know they come from Mexico, but it's the best Coca-Cola hands-down. 

To get to enjoy one of these glass bottles of Mexican Coca-Cola is a real treat, it's not something you rush. Drinking a bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola is something that needs to be savored. If I could bottle my memories of growing up in a Mexican household, this would be the drink I came up with. Delicioso and so refreshing.

I hope my recipe has inspired you to take your hot dogs from basic to amazing. This recipe truly is so fast and easy, you can still get dinner on the table in less than 20 minutes. 

And don't forget to enjoy the refreshing taste of Coca-cola wherever your taste buds take you. The pairings are endless. Do you need more Coca-Cola inspired pairing ideas? Visit the Serve with a Coke page for more yummy ideas!

5 Tips For Conquering the Back-to-School Season

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The back-to-school season is a very hectic and busy season. This is the first year that my son is attending school, which means that I have had to adapt to this new stage of parenting, and he's had to adapt to being a "big kid" and a responsible student. He now wakes up at 7:00 to be in class by 7:45, he has homework daily and he's had to learn to adapt to our new lives and schedule. It's definitely been a transition for both Julius and myself, and I am proud to say that he's taken to this new life like a champ, while I have struggled a bit to find my footing. 

Juggling a full-time job, a child in his first year of school and my other responsibilities has been a challenge. My job is at it's busiest during the back-to-school season which means I am working daily, sometimes as early as 3:45AM. With my busy work schedule and his new school one, it's been a little crazy. 

Today I am sharing five of my top tips for conquering the back-to-school season successfully. 

Stay Organized and plan carefully: I've never had so many things going on in one day, which means that I need to plan each day carefully and stay organized. Each Sunday night I will sit at the computer with my planner and add in my work schedule, my sons school schedule and any school activities, as well as appointments or any other meetings.

In my planner I also have a running Weekly To-Do-List with all of the odds and ends that need to get done each day. These are all things like: grocery shop, post office run, vet calls, etc. 

First I plug everything into the computer and once I have all the appointments and important tasks in there, I can see where there are open spaces for everything else. 

Go to bed & wake earlier: One of the most important changes we have made now that Julius is in school is to set an earlier bedtime. Our kids need to be rested and ready to go the next morning and while these early bed times feel like punishments to them, in the long run they are so good for everyone involved.

His earlier bedtime also gives me a few hours to get things around the house done in preparation for the next day. 

Set out tomorrows items each night: One of the areas where you can save the most time each morning is by preparing as much as you can the night before. I pick out the next day's outfits for both of us and pack his lunch bag every night. I also go through his backpack and pack his homework and anything else he will need for the next day: play clothes for after school, etc. 

The more prepared we are each morning, the easier it is to have a nice morning at home before rushing out the door. 

Set aside time to relax and have fun: Yes, the back-to-school season is crazy-hectic, which is why it's so important to take time to relax. Part of having a succesful week this fall season is to take some much needed down time. Plan a trip to the park at least once a week, a date for two at your local FROYO spot or a picnic lunch after school. 

We've been heading out to the park for an hour of fun each day after homework and it's helped Julius see that even though he now attends school, there is still a lot of fun to be had. 

Have your vehicle maintained and ready to go with a fresh DIY Oil Change: It goes without saying that our vehicles are a large part of making sure we get everything done in a day. Because the fall season is so hectic, our car will get a lot of wear and tear and has to be maintained to be able to handle it all. 

Growing up in a Mexican household, you learn the importance of maintaining your vehicle pretty early on. My grandmother was a single mom who owned her first car here in the United Stated and she always took such good care of it, having her own personal "mecanico" who would care for her car and change the oil on weekends. She always made sure her little brown Mustang was in tip top shape and taught my mom to do the same. 

My boyfriend also grew up in a Mexican household, with brothers who always did their own oil change. So when it's time to change the oil in the car, it's easy enough for us to do it ourselves. If we're short on time, it's only $19.88 for the Pit Crew Oil change at the Walmart Auto Center and a convenient way to go.

Or if you want to change your own oil, like we do, it's also very affordable. For our DIY oil change, I purchased the 5qt Quaker State® Ultimate Durability™ Full Synthetic Motor Oil at Walmart on rollback for a great everyday low price of $20.24. Quaker State is a top-selling brand in Latin America and with Latinos in the USA and it's the oil that we trust in our household. 

The back-to-school season is busy but it's also such an amazing time, this is when our kids get back to learning and interacting outside of the home. For me, my sons first year of school is very special and I can't wait to do all the firsts with him - the first parent/teacher meeting, the first school photos, ordering Scholastic books, all those fun things that come along with having kids in school. 

How are you handling the back-to-school season, have you gotten your oil change done? If not, save time and money by stopping by the Walmart Auto Center to get it done while you shop, or purchase Quaker State Oil and change it at home like we do. 

We're putting the money we save into a fund for our holiday vacation during the holiday break this winter. We will be driving to Arizona to enjoy the holidays and cannot wait. That's why it pays to care for your car. Like my grandma always says, "Cuida tu carro, y tu carro te cuidara a ti."

How To Easily Create A Relaxing Space In Your Home

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Every room in your house tells a story and one of my favorite things to do is decorate each room in our apartment to be a space where I want to hang out, where family and friends will want to get together. Today I am sharing how you can easily create a relaxing space in your home, especially if you live in a smaller place.

The entire idea behind this little setup is to spend as little money as possible. All of us usually have extra items laying around (or stored) that we can incorporate into this little zen area. I love picking up pillows and odds and ends when I find them on sale, this is a good time to bring some of those cute items out and use them.

The only items that I had to go out and purchase were the $10 stool to place the tray on and the Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Home Fragrance by Glade® candles, everything else was already in storage in our garage.

Candles are one of my favorite ways to add a touch of elegance, color and scent to any room. The Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Home Fragrance by Glade® Jar Candles have been my favorite since they came out, they look beautiful in any part of my home and add the most amazing scents to all the rooms I have them in.

I visited Ralph’s to pick out two candles for this area of the living room. I purchased N°1 Enraptured – Jasmine and Cedarwood with notes of Jasmine, lady apples, sweetheart rose petals on a base of cedarwood. This candle smells magical and enchanting and is one of my favorite scents in the range.

I also picked up N°2 Bright – Sweet Pea and Pear, which smells sweet and fresh. Laugh along with the playful scent of sun warmed pears and sweet pea flowers. This one smells very innocent and is the perfect candle to light at the end of a long day.

For the rest of the space I used:

  • the leather recliner that we picked up at a thrift store about 3 years ago for only $35. It's real leather and so incredible, a great thrift find for sure!
  • two throw pillows, one in a solid gray color and the other a bright, fun pop of color with a cute design
  • A reading lamp is essential in this spot and the added mirror makes the space look a bit larger
  • the $10 black stool is perfect and versatile, I can use it around the house as an extra sitting spot and it makes the perfect stand for a tray
  • last I took one of the many trays we own and placed a few odds and ends that just make me happy, including the Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Home Fragrance by Glade® candles

Even on the most stressful day, I can sit in this little spot with a hot cup of coffee, I can read a few pages in my book and relax while enjoying the beautiful scent of Jasmine and Cedarwood or Sweet Pea and Pear.

Find the entire collection of The Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Home Fragrance by Glade® candles at Ralph’s and use them as inspiration to create your own small zen spot in your home. Because they are Glade®, they are super affordable and you don't have to stress burning through them quickly. The entire line is beautiful, I recommend buying a few scents from the range if you haven't already.

Every room tells a story, what story do you want to tell?

My Easy Summer No-Makeup Makeup Routine

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Summer in the part of California where I live is extremely hot (The Inland Empire). Having grown up in San Diego county where the weather is as close to perfect as can be, spoiled us. Summers here are pretty extreme and can range anywhere from 105° up to 115°. if we're lucky enough to have a 95° day, that is actually really pleasant for us. 

In the Inland Empire you have to find light and airy summer clothing, plus you have to keep your makeup very minimal. I'm one of those women that always wears makeup when going out, I know that a lot of people forego it on a really hot day, but not me. Instead I wear my no-makeup makeup look that is very light and almost looks like I am not wearing any, but I am wearing enough that I feel comfortable in my skin. 

My Easy Summer No-Makeup Makeup Routine

I start every summer morning with a cool shower to help me wake up. I usually only get a few hours of sleep when it's so hot and need some major energizing. This is where I treat my senses to Tone® Brazilian Glam™ Body Wash, which is infused with Brazilian Nut Oil and very moisturizing. The scent is my favorite part, and reminds me of an outing to the beach, which is one of my favorite ways to spend a summer day. Tone® Body Washes are a great day to start any morning, they make my shower a luxurious experience and really treat my skin to the moisture and suppleness it needs. 

My second favorite scent is Tone® Mango Splash® Body Wash, I recommend picking up both at Walmart during your next trip there and using this IBOTTA Offer to save! (Earn $2 when you buy 2 Tone Body Washes)

No-Makeup Makeup

  • SPF: one of the most important steps
  • light base: foundation, bb cream or skin enhancer
  • Conceal: with little sleep, I always need the magical product called concealer which hides the signs of sleepiness from under my eyes and makes me look fresh and awake
  • Set: set your concealer with a light powder to avoid creasing
  • Bronzer: a dusting of bronzer all over the face gives the skin a summer kiss
  • Lashes: not a step for everyone but if I am going out I apply a pair of very light and natural false lashes. If you don't use false lashes, apply a few generous coats of mascara.
  • Blush: a touch of blush to the cheeks, during the summer I love a coral blush with shimmer.
  • Highlighter: No summer look is complete without highlight at the tops of your cheekbones
  • The Lip: I always opt for a nude matte lipstick that will stay put. Another way to go during the summer months is with a bright pop of color. 

I know that it looks like a lot of steps to achieve a no-makeup makeup look, but with practice this literally takes ten minutes, if that. So don't be afraid to put some of my steps into plan, you can skip any of my steps and create your own no-makeup makeup look. Personally, I think the ten minutes it takes me to put on this face are so worth it. Now I am refreshed and ready to face a summer day, feeling great and knowing my skin feels and looks great too. 

This is #HowITone: By exploring the Tone rainbow and using Tone® Brazilian Glam™ Body Wash to help me feel spoiled and relaxed on a hot summer's day, and Tone® Mango Splash® Body Wash scent to feel summery and light. Click the link for more ideas for enjoying the rest of summer with a little bit of help from Tone® Body Wash. 

How To : Incorporate Acne Skin Care Into Your Evening Routine

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A few months ago, I shared with you that I had just started incorporating Differin® Gel, a new acne care product, into my skincare routine. I found Differin® Gel at my local Walmart. As someone who has suffered with acne since being a pre-teen, I have always wished I had access to prescription-strength acne skin care. Differin® Gel is the first and only prescription-strength retinoid now available over the counter for clearing and preventing acne. It's the newest advancement and ingredient in the OTC acne category in over 30 years!

Today, I am going to share how I have continued to incorporate Differin® Gel I got at Walmart into my routine.

Incorporate Acne Skin Care Into Your Evening Routine

  • I start my evening routine by taking a shower. If time permits, I love taking a nice, hot bath with some of my favorite bath bombs.

  • Next, I gently cleanse my face and pat dry. 

  • Once my skin is completely dry, I apply a light layer of Differin® Gel to my entire face. Differin® Gel is not a spot treatment, it is part of a skincare regimen. In order to get the best results, you should apply a thin layer all over the face, once a day, every day. Differin® Gel clears breakouts where they start (deep in the pores), prevents breakouts before they begin, and as a result, restores skin’s texture and tone.

Please use caution when using Differin® Gel with more than one acne treatment or glycolic acid product because this could lead to irritation.

  • After applying Differin® Gel, I let that sit a few minutes and then apply a generous amount of moisturizer to my skin. I always moisturize, but since adding Differin® Gel into my skincare routine, I have been using a richer cream in the evenings to combat any dryness the product can cause.

  • Now that my skin is taken care of, I can get to bed knowing I have taken my daily step to fighting my moderate acne problems.

Overall, I can tell a difference in my skin since the addition of Differin® Gel into my daily skincare regimen. If you're fighting mild to moderate acne, try Differin® Gel which you can now find in the OTC acne care section at Walmart in the beauty aisle. Go to Differin.com to get $2 off Differin® Gel and use it on your next shopping trip to Walmart!

This product is dermatologist developed and tested. Please call 1-866-735-4137 for any questions you may have concerning the product. However, should you experience any problems while using the product, please discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.

Spicy Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

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With the back-to-school season upon us, I find myself at Walmart a few times a week stocking up on grocery items and back-to-school supplies. But the fact that I have a Walmart just a few blocks away means that it's a convenient stop for all of my shopping needs. I can make a large grocery shopping trip every two weeks and easily pop in  for a few essentials in between.

Both Julius and I will be back in class this year and it's going to be very hectic, plus this year he will have his first experiences taking part on school activities and a sport or class (yet to be determined). We'll both be pooped at the end of the day which means we will be craving some major comfort food.


When I think of a quick meal that is meant to be comforting and filling I always think of a bowl of warm Campbell's® Condensed Tomato Soup or Campbell's® Condensed Chicken Noodle Soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. I can prepare two serving of each in just a few minutes. That way we can have more time to sit down and enjoy our meal while we talk about our day.

Spicy Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

1 can of Campbell's® Condensed Tomato Soup
2 tbsp Pace® Salsa
2 portions of French bread
a few slices of cheese
2 tbsp butter
4 tomato slices

Directions: Heat tomato soup and add a few spoonfuls of Pace® Salsa depending on how spicy you like your soup. Meanwhile, slice French bread, buttering both sides and add a few slices of cheese and tomato before grilling. Serve hot.

As kids we grew up having Campbell's® Condensed Tomato Soup, that's why it's one of my favorites. But my favorite thing about Campbell's® Condensed Tomato Soup is  that I can make it my own by adding extra ingredients to it. Adding a few spoonfuls of Pace® Salsa is my favorite way to go because it's quick and delivers a real flavor punch.

As most Mexican families do, we like to add heat and spice to most of our dishes. Made with handpicked vegetables, Pace® Salsa makes it easy to add that extra kick without having to chop onion, tomatoes and jalapeños myself. Having a bottle of Pace® Salsa in the fridge is one of my favorite shortcuts and tricks for quick and easy meals.  

Prepping dinner on a busy back-to-school night doesn't have to take long when you have Campbell Soup Company products at-the-ready. With a hearty and comforting cup of soup and a warm grilled cheese, we can enjoy a nice dinner before having to hit the books.

Dinner, check! Can of V8+Energy® to energize me for the remaining hours of the day and quench my thirst with natural energy from Green Tea, check! Find V8+Energy® in the Juice Aisle!

Ready to shop for delicious Campbell Soup Company ingredients? Hover over the photo to click through to Walmart.com and purchase them!

The back-to-school season means pulling out all the tricks for quick yet flavorful meals for the family. Need more ideas? Click here to visit the Campbell's Shortcut Meals website and get more back to school meal inspiration.