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Summer Day Activities on a Budget

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Summer days are here and if you're like us, you're itching to get out of the house and enjoy those long days outdoors.  But like most large families, we have to plan and budget so as to get the most enjoyment from summer. Each week we have something pretty big planned like a trip to one of SoCal's theme parks or maybe a staycation nearby, which can get expensive. That means that the rest of the week we have to plan activities that are more budget-friendly.

Planning carefully and being careful on where we spend money, allows us to have a better summer altogether. One of the things that really goes a long way to stretching out our summer money is my data plan and cell phone.  I still have Walmart Family Mobile but now I have the $49.88 PLUS plan which is perfect for my needs. With it's Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data, it really helps my family stay on budget every month (Includes up to 15GB of 4G LTE† data then 2G*).

Walmart Family Mobile features:
  • No Contract
  • Required: No Activation Fees
  • No Late Fees
  • Easy to start or switch
  • Free VUDU movie rental credit valued at $7.00 each time they renew their service

Available for lines active with the PLUS $49.88 plan only. VUDU enabled device and account required for digital viewing. Customers must be 18 years or older to open a VUDU account. Movie rental only available in the USA. Free movie rental provided in the form of a movie rental code to the value of a $7.00 VUDU◊ credit. Movie rental code allows for selection from available movies for rent.  May not be readily redeemable on all new releases. Code will be delivered within up to 24 hours of the effective account renewal date. Must be used within 30 days of receiving code. Offer is non-transferable. Limit 1 per customer. Additional terms and conditions on VUDU's website: http://www.vudu.com/termsofservice.html

With the low $49.88 PLUS plan I have the LG L59 - Grace (under $110) which is a cute & sleek phone that fits perfectly into my pocket and let's me stay in touch wherever we are.  

All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to this page or your local Walmart for current pricing.

1: Visit your local parks: Our town has a lot of parks available for the community, and not just for kids. There are a few parks where you can go for a run or hike, or to watch your kids doing sport and there are many play parks with playgrounds for the kiddos. 

What to bring to the park: blanket, water bottles, snacks, Wet Ones, a book and patience because you will be there a long time and there will be many tears. 

2: Day at the beach: if you are lucky enough to live within driving distance to a beach, this is one of the best summer activities for sure. We grew up in a coastal town and got to visit the beach all the time and now even though we live further away, we still take the kids to the beach all the time, 

Pool Day: Another summer favorite has to be the local pool. Our area has one community pool and we have a water park. Both have very low entry fees which make it easy to enjoy an entire day at the pool, or just a few hours, while spending very little. 

Happy Hour: One of the ways to save money especially if you have kids is to take advantage of Happy Hour promotions from local restaurants and fast food places. Our favorite drive-in restaurant has Happy Hour between 2-5 everyday and that means 1/2 off all drinks and slushies. 

Another one of our favorite places has discounted kids meals on certain nights of the weeks and a few places have Kids Eat Free nights too. I keep note of all these promos and try to plan my outings on those days to take advantage of as many deals as possible. 

Picnic at the park: Summer days here are pretty warm but once in a while you'll have a nice evening where you can have an impromptu picnic. Pick up food through the drive thru or bring something from home, sit on the grass and enjoy an evening outdoors.

Movie night at home: With your free VUDU movie rental you can also enjoy a fun movie night at home with all the trimmings. We make popcorn, have drinks and candy and enjoy a family friendly movie together once a month with my freebie.

Summer can get long for the kids, but not if you have a good plan in the works. Bring out the calendar, mark down all the restaurant promotions and special events in your town and plan your days out ahead of time.  Don't forget to take your phone to all these outings so you can take photos of all the summer moments being had and take plenty of selfies!

*Please always refer to the latest terms and conditions at myfamilymobile.com.†To get 4G LTE speed, you must have a 4G LTE capable device and 4G LTE SIM Card. Actual availability, coverage, and speed may vary. LTE is a trademark of ETSI.

DIY | Organic Makeup Remover Pads

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Coconut oil is one of those items that we've always had in the house. I remember getting coconut hair masks from my grandma during the winter when we were young, and how she used to keep it in little tubs throughout her house so she could apply it on her hands throughout the day. She'd also have the same coconut oil in the pantry for cooking, which was admittedly a bit strange to me at that age. Why were we applying the same coconut oil to our elbows that grandma was cooking with? 

As I grew older I became to know the many benefits and ways to use coconut oil on my own home. For me it's become more a part of my daily beauty routine than anything else. Coconut oil is so versatile, one of my favorite ways to use it is as a makeup remover. 

Today I am going to share how you can make your own 3-Ingredient Makeup Remover Pads at home using LouAna Organic Liquid Coconut Oil. These are more economical than traditional makeup pads and a much more natural to help cleanse your skin at night. Plus they work really well to remove eye makeup including mascara, which can be harder to remove. 
DIY Makeup Remover Pads


organic cotton rounds
1tsp castile soap
4tbsp LouAna Organic Liquid Coconut Oil 
glass jar with lid
distilled water 


Pour soap, LouAna Liquid Coconut Oil about 1/4 cups of distilled water in glass jar and mix. Place cotton rounds into the jar slowly pressing them so they can begin to absorb the liquid. Once all the pads are in the jar pour more water onto the pads evenly, stop depending on how wet you prefer your makeup wipes to be. Close lid tightly and give the jar a good shake to coat all wipes evenly.

Store in glass jar with tightened to keep pads moist.

I use these makeup remover pads in the evening before washing my face to remove all traces of makeup. Even on days that I don't wear makeup, I like to run a pad over my skin before washing to remove impurities and sunscreen from my skin. After using, I always cleanse with a mild cleanser and moisturize. Don't forget to moisturize your skin twice a day!

LouAna Organic Coconut Oil is so versatile that once you bring it home you will be sure to find many uses for it. You can purchase it in liquid version like I have or in sold version. 

In Your Beauty Routine:

LouAna Organic Coconut Oil is used across a number of health and beauty routines including body butters, oil pulling/mouth wash, skin moisturizer, homemade toothpaste, face moisturizer, hair mask, Some coconut oil fans even use it in their coffee for a healthy boost in the morning!

In Your Cooking: 

Coconut Oil is the freshest take on cooking! That’s because coconut oil is one of the most versatile cooking oils, perfect for sautéing, drizzling and even pan frying! If you’re craving a fresh taste on your favorite homemade vinaigrette, LouAna Liquid Coconut Oil makes it easy to pour or measure.

LouAna was born in Opelousas, Louisiana in 1820, a place where the food is an elemental expression of love, flavor and family. With over 14 different types of cooking oil, LouAna has the perfect oil for all of your cooking needs whether its sautéing, deep frying or baking, LouAna helps every type of cook put the best dish on the table each and every time.

Find LouAna Organic Coconut Oil at Ralphs (or other Kroger Banner Stores). 

How To : A Sulfate-Free Spring Look

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I'm a regular consumer, I am not a super green shopper nor do I shop for all natural products. However, I do believe in buying products that are better for myself and my family when possible. I especially believe in this when the products are from brands that I have grown up using and that I trust.

Today I am going to share a typical spring look featuring a few sulfate-free products that have become part of my routine. The best part is that these products are super accessible, you can find them at your local Walmart!

A Sulfate-Free Spring Look
I am starting this look with AVEENO PURE RENEWAL® Shampoo and Conditioner. I have always had brittle hair that dries out easily and I strive really hard to care for it, a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner are always part of my hair regimen. Right now I am using AVEENO PURE RENEWAL® Shampoo and Conditioner and I love knowing that the sulfate-free formulas gently renew my hair to its naturally healthy, most balanced state everyday. AVEENO PURE RENEWAL® Shampoo and Conditioner contains naturally derived cleansers and a sulfate free formula to gently cleanse your hair and scalp.
Save $1.00 off one (1) AVEENO® product (excludes trial and travel sizes). Look for these products in the Hair Care aisle at your local Walmart.

The next and very important part of my sulfate-free spring look is my outfit. My clothes are almost as important to me as my hair, I don't have a huge wardrobe but instead have a capsule wardrobe with a few pieces that I take really good care of and always use a gentle detergent on them.

But it's not just taking care of the fabrics, I wash all of our laundry together and that includes Julius's clothes. I have always been careful with his clothing. NEW sulfate free all® fresh clean ESSENTIALS® delivers a powerful clean without harshness. The sulfate-free formula infuses fabrics with essential, proven and effective ingredients for deep cleaning and stain lifting even on the toughest stains. It is dye and fragrance free which makes it very skin friendly.

Look for sulfate free all® fresh clean ESSENTIALS® on the top shelf in the laundry aisle at your local Walmart. Try it and save on your next purchase with this $.50 off one (1) all® product coupon, while supplies last.

Now that my hair and outfit are ready, I pick out my fragrance for the day, my accessories, what shoes I will wear and I am ready to go. Overall, my look is very natural and fresh this spring, which is exactly how I like it. Spring is a time of renewal, a time to start fresh and knowing that I am using products for my family that are better for our skin and hair, makes me happy.

Print body suit / Styles For Less
I am really loving bodysuits recently, they are comfortable and really fit snugly plus I don’t have to keep tugging my top back down.
Cardigan /  Forever 21
I’ve had this cardigan for a few years now and find it works perfectly with the weather in my town. It’s warm enough to wear as a layer in the winter and perfect for spring's lighter temps.


Skinny jeans / Abercrombie & Fitch
I have these pants in every color. But I always buy them on sale.
Sandals / Famous Footwear
I got these for my birthday and love how versatile they are.
Fringe bag / Forever 21
This is the 6th fringe bag in my collection, I guess I just really like fringe.


Without a lot of fuss, I am now ready for a spring day out with the family. Plus I feel great about the products I have used as part of my look, starting from my haircare to the detergent I wash my family's clothes in. Going sulfate-free doesn’t have to be hard.

See how others are incorporating these sulfate-free products into their lives here.

Fruit Infused Iced Tea

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Summer is almost here and if you're looking for a way to Refresh the Way You Flavor Your Day, I have a fun and easy drink to share with you today!  One of my all-time favorite summer drinks is an ice-cold ponche de frutas (fruit punch infused with fresh fruit) and today I am going to share how easily you can create this refreshing drink with a few cans of FUZE® Iced Tea. FUZE® Iced Tea is a new-to-me brand of iced tea that I am really enjoying, especially the lemon flavor. You can find FUZE® Iced Tea 12-packs in select Walmart stores.

This type of beverage is one of the reasons that I always make sure to have fresh fruit on hand, you don't even need a lot of it. For fruit punch or this fruit infused tea, I usually grab 3-4 different fruits and slice one of each, plus a few strawberries. Just use whatever is in season or on sale that week at your local market. This is one of the things that I picked up from my mom and grandma when I was growing up, if you always have fresh fruit available you can use it in many ways and it's so much better for you than digging around for a candy bar or other sweet snack. 

Growing up Mexican there really weren't a lot of sweets when we went to abuelitas house, if you asked her for a candy she would tell you to grab a peach or a pear. If you wanted to stop by the store to pick up some chips, she would instead past by the market for fresh fruit and get home to make a fruit salad. I probably didn't appreciate that so much at that age, but I have definitely followed in her footsteps and always have fruit at the ready for snacking and incorporating into fresh water, punch or iced tea. 

Fruit Infused Iced Tea
(1 liter)

1 sliced nectarine
1 sliced fiji pear
2 cups of diced watermelon
three sliced strawberries
2 cans of FUZE® Lemon Iced Tea
1 cup of ice

Preparing this is super easy - just slice your fruit and fill carafe with ice. Drop in all the fruits, fill with 2 cans of  FUZE® Lemon Iced Tea and allow to chill in the fridge for a bit. I usually keep filling the carafe with more tea to extend the life of the fresh fruit and only take a few pieces in each cup to nibble on. 

This is the perfect summer drink recipe but really you can enjoy it all year with in-season fruits and different flavored iced tea. My other favorite flavor to make is FUZE® Lemon Iced Tea with large wedges of oranges and mandarins! 

FUZE® Lemon Iced Tea is delicious on its own but the addition of fruit for sure takes it to the next level.  

My summer beverage is ready, how's yours coming along? I invite you to try this recipe at home for a refreshing Summer pick me up. Don't forget to pick up FUZE® Lemon Iced Tea at Walmart and a selection of fruits so you too can enjoy this super yummy drink. 

Not all fruits depicted are present in each product. Juice percentage varies.

Packing a Sports Survival Bag

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One of the most exciting parts about having children is having them be a part of the youth sport organizations in the community. When you only have one child though, it's hard to get the hang of it at first. Today, I thought I would share a quick post with you on what I pack in the sports bag that we take with us to games and practices. Looking at it, it's almost the same thing that I will pack in the bag when he attends swim classes this summer, minus a towel. I guess you can call this our all-around sports survival bag. 

What to pack in a sports survival bag:

  • first aid kit and cold pack
  • sunscreen for adult & kids 
  • wet wipes 
  • an extra change of clothes
  • snacks
  • drinks

Bringing along snacks and drinks is one of the most important things, and not just for the kids, you're going to be doing a lot of waiting. Our area is extremely warm in spring, staying hydrated during those long hours in the sun is so important. I like to stock up on POWERADE® and RITZ Bits Cracker Sandwiches during my Walmart shopping trips. 

POWERADE® is currently on rollback at Walmart, so I can pick up a few different flavored 8-packs. When shopping your Walmart, look for POWERADE® bottles with coupon neck hangers that will save you $1.50 on NABISCO 20-pack Multipack. 

Also look for NABISCO Multipacks with coupon stickers on boxes that will save you .75 when you purchase a 12-pack or larger NABISCO Multipack. The coupon boxes at my store went quickly, because who doesn't love a good deal? Plus these RITZ Bits Cracker Sandwiches are so good! 

A sports survival bag is essential for parents with kids in sports or any other physical type of activities. Our bag is stocked and will take us from baseball through summer swim classes at the local pool. Just remember to keep restocking the bandaids, sunscreen, bug spray, snacks and drinks, and you are good-to-go. Need more ideas for being a perfect sideline hero? Hit the link for more fun and informative ideas!

Fighting Acne Over The Counter

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I've never been shy about sharing my skin issues with you all, especially about having to deal with acne. It's something that I have dealt with since I was a pre-teen. In a family of four women, it's always been hard to be the only one who has acne and that I am still dealing with it in my 20’s. Like most people in their 20’s, I am unable to see a professional about my skincare issues and have always dealt with over-the-counter products. Today I am starting a new journey with a product that is newly available at Walmart. I am going to share this journey with you in a 2-part post, starting with introducing you the product and how to use it.

Before starting, I want to show you a before shot of my face so we can all see the starting point. As you can see, I have my regular breakouts. This is actually not even bad considering what my skin can look like at moments, but there are still quite a few active breakouts and a lot of scarring and texture.

The product that I will be using is called Differin® Gel, which I purchased at Walmart in the skincare section. Differin® Gel is the first and only prescription strength retinoid now available over-the-counter for clearing and preventing acne. It's the newest advancement and ingredient in the OTC acne category in over 30 years! Differin® Gel clears breakouts where they start (deep in the pores), prevents breakouts before they begin, and as a result, restores skin’s texture and tone.

How To Use Differin® Gel

1) Wash your face using a gentle face wash
2) Towel dry
3) Apply a thin layer of Differin® Gel all over your face
4) Moisturize after each application
5) Apply SPF - when using Differin® Gel, take extra care while out in the sun
6) It's important to continue using Differin® Gel as part of your skincare routine, even after your skin looks clear, to help prevent future breakouts.
7) Repeat once a day, every day.

Who Should Use this Product?

Anyone who is suffering from mild to moderate acne.

I'm excited to see where this journey with Differin® Gel will take me, especially knowing that it was previously available only by prescription. Differin® Gel contains the multi-benefit dermatologist recommended retinoid, Adapalene, now available without a prescription to clear and prevent acne. It's exciting for me, as a young adult with acne, to now have an option accessible to me and available at my neighborhood Walmart!

This product is dermatologist developed and tested. Please call 1-866-735-4137 for any questions you may have concerning the product. However, should you experience any problems while using the product, please discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.