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Packing a Sports Survival Bag

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One of the most exciting parts about having children is having them be a part of the youth sport organizations in the community. When you only have one child though, it's hard to get the hang of it at first. Today, I thought I would share a quick post with you on what I pack in the sports bag that we take with us to games and practices. Looking at it, it's almost the same thing that I will pack in the bag when he attends swim classes this summer, minus a towel. I guess you can call this our all-around sports survival bag. 

What to pack in a sports survival bag:

  • first aid kit and cold pack
  • sunscreen for adult & kids 
  • wet wipes 
  • an extra change of clothes
  • snacks
  • drinks

Bringing along snacks and drinks is one of the most important things, and not just for the kids, you're going to be doing a lot of waiting. Our area is extremely warm in spring, staying hydrated during those long hours in the sun is so important. I like to stock up on POWERADE® and RITZ Bits Cracker Sandwiches during my Walmart shopping trips. 

POWERADE® is currently on rollback at Walmart, so I can pick up a few different flavored 8-packs. When shopping your Walmart, look for POWERADE® bottles with coupon neck hangers that will save you $1.50 on NABISCO 20-pack Multipack. 

Also look for NABISCO Multipacks with coupon stickers on boxes that will save you .75 when you purchase a 12-pack or larger NABISCO Multipack. The coupon boxes at my store went quickly, because who doesn't love a good deal? Plus these RITZ Bits Cracker Sandwiches are so good! 

A sports survival bag is essential for parents with kids in sports or any other physical type of activities. Our bag is stocked and will take us from baseball through summer swim classes at the local pool. Just remember to keep restocking the bandaids, sunscreen, bug spray, snacks and drinks, and you are good-to-go. Need more ideas for being a perfect sideline hero? Hit the link for more fun and informative ideas!

Fighting Acne Over The Counter

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I've never been shy about sharing my skin issues with you all, especially about having to deal with acne. It's something that I have dealt with since I was a pre-teen. In a family of four women, it's always been hard to be the only one who has acne and that I am still dealing with it in my 20’s. Like most people in their 20’s, I am unable to see a professional about my skincare issues and have always dealt with over-the-counter products. Today I am starting a new journey with a product that is newly available at Walmart. I am going to share this journey with you in a 2-part post, starting with introducing you the product and how to use it.

Before starting, I want to show you a before shot of my face so we can all see the starting point. As you can see, I have my regular breakouts. This is actually not even bad considering what my skin can look like at moments, but there are still quite a few active breakouts and a lot of scarring and texture.

The product that I will be using is called Differin® Gel, which I purchased at Walmart in the skincare section. Differin® Gel is the first and only prescription strength retinoid now available over-the-counter for clearing and preventing acne. It's the newest advancement and ingredient in the OTC acne category in over 30 years! Differin® Gel clears breakouts where they start (deep in the pores), prevents breakouts before they begin, and as a result, restores skin’s texture and tone.

How To Use Differin® Gel

1) Wash your face using a gentle face wash
2) Towel dry
3) Apply a thin layer of Differin® Gel all over your face
4) Moisturize after each application
5) Apply SPF - when using Differin® Gel, take extra care while out in the sun
6) It's important to continue using Differin® Gel as part of your skincare routine, even after your skin looks clear, to help prevent future breakouts.
7) Repeat once a day, every day.

Who Should Use this Product?

Anyone who is suffering from mild to moderate acne.

I'm excited to see where this journey with Differin® Gel will take me, especially knowing that it was previously available only by prescription. Differin® Gel contains the multi-benefit dermatologist recommended retinoid, Adapalene, now available without a prescription to clear and prevent acne. It's exciting for me, as a young adult with acne, to now have an option accessible to me and available at my neighborhood Walmart!

This product is dermatologist developed and tested. Please call 1-866-735-4137 for any questions you may have concerning the product. However, should you experience any problems while using the product, please discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.

Mother's Day DIY Marble/Tile Perfume Tray

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Mother's Day is right around the corner and when my sisters and I were coming up with gift ideas for our mom we decided to put together a cute DIY for her. We will still be gifting her a makeup item, that is pretty pricey, but with the little bit of budget we had left we decided to make something for her. Our mom always talks about how the handmade gifts we made her as children have always been the most special. This Mother's Day we really want to Make Her Day the best, so we decided to put something we've made together for her, as part of her gift. With a handmade DIY and the cutest American Greetings card, gift bag and paper, we have made mom something she will really enjoy. 

DIY Tile/Marble Tray 

You will need:
piece of marble or tile
industrial strength glue
2 cute knobs (drawer pulls)
4 clear bumpers

For the perfume tray I visited my local hardware store and looked through the marble and tile pieces available. I decided to go with a piece of tile that matches my moms makeup counter and two really cute round knobs. The tile cost under $3 and the knobs were about $5 a piece. As you can see, this DIY is definitely affordable. I already had the glue and bumpers from a previous DIY but those will cost about $4-$5 a piece. Now let's put it all together, it's just a few easy steps.

apply the 4 bumpers to the corners of the tile
measure out where the knobs will go
glue knobs and place where wanted
clean up glue with a damp qtip
allow to dry for a few hours

In just a few quick steps we now have a very cute perfume tray for mom. My mom actually has a lot of perfumes, but there are three that are her special ones, these are the ones that she displays on top of her makeup area. The tray fits them all perfectly and is going to look really nice on her makeup shelf.

To complete her gift we went to Walmart to pick up some gift wrap and a card. Even with our tighter budget, we want to include a really cute bag and tissue paper. With American Greetingswe were able to find the perfect card along with a matching bag and tissue paper. This bag was only $2.99 and the tissue paper was .99. Is that a bargain or what? And the bag alone looks like it was expensive!

I don't know about you, but I am not about paying over five dollars for a greeting card, I was so happy to see how low the entire American Greetings line is. We didn't have to buy the budget card and bag, which we usually have to do, instead we purchased exactly what we wanted and spent so little. You can take advantage of the Ibotta offer (buy 2 cards and earn $2) and get an even better bargain. 

This Mother's Day DIY was a lot of fun to put together and it was easy and not expensive at all. I hope that this idea has inspired you to make something for your mom this Mother's Day too. It's all about making her day special really, not about what we can buy her. While my sisters and I are still giving my mom a larger gift, this DIY a special gift from us to her as a throw back to when we were all little and made her handmade gifts.

I have to admit that our gift looks amazing, this bag and tissue paper are so cute!

 What are you giving your mom this Mother's Day?

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo | Mexican Style Shrimp Kabobs

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Cinco de Mayo is coming up and I am really looking forward to it. We've had a lot on our plates these last months and I for one could use a day of celebration with the important people in my life. We could all use a few carefree moments to remember what's really important in life: family and friends. When your life is filled with good people, great moments and delicious food, you can't help but be happy. That's why I am really excited for our annual Cinco de Mayo gathering this year.

Of course you simply can't have a successful Cinco de Mayo celebration without including ice cold bottles of Corona Extra and Modelo Especial beer.


With Corona Extra and Modelo Especial at your Cinco de Mayo celebration, your guests will really enjoy those carefree moments a little bit more.  

Today I am going to share my quick & easy recipe for Mexican Style Shrimp Kabobs, perfect for your Cinco de Mayo & summer gatherings.  

1 pound pre-cooked shrimp (or 1 pound or shelled and deveined raw shrimp)
2 chopped serrano peppers
2 limes juiced
2 cloves of minced garlic
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
1/4 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon cumin powder
salt & pepper to taste

Pour all ingredients into a bowl, mix well and allow to marinate for at least 30 minutes.  
Skewer the shrimp and grill over medium heat for 2-3 minutes until cooked.

These kabobs are so spicy that you are definitely going to need that cold bottle of either Corona Extra or Modelo Especial to wash them down.

I personally enjoy Corona Extra whenever I am having a beer. Corona's refreshing, smooth taste isn't too heavy or too light, it's perfectly balanced for my taste. If you're like me - someone who enjoys a good beer every now and then but isn't a beer drinking heavyweight, this is probably the beer for you.

If your guests prefer a fuller flavored beer, Modelo Especial is exactly for them. Modelo Especial is brewed the way a good beer should be. Modelo Especial is a beer born with the Fighting Spirit. It’s brewed with time, effort, and determination to create the model Mexican lager.  It's  full-flavored Pilsner-style Lager delivers a crisp, refreshing taste that your guests will thoroughly enjoy.

This Cinco de Mayo, gather your friends and family over and enjoy some down-time. It's been a rough few months, but just like these cervezas, we were born with the fighting spirit and will celebrate life, just like always.

This Cinco de Mayo and the coming summer months are a great time to invite your family & friends over, hand them a bottle of Corona or Modelo beer and celebrate life. You don't need a special occasion to have a few carefree moments to just chill and hang out. Hay que saber vivir con todo el corazon.

Up-Cycle Your Honest Tea® Bottles | DIY Bird Feeder

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During the week I am a water drinker. I work outdoors and can go through a few bottles of water per day. But there are those times that I want to enjoy a refreshing bottle of tea with just a hint of sweetness, nothing too sugary or sweet. Being outdoors in the sun, you really want something refreshing and cool. On those occasions I really enjoy Honest Tea® and their variety of flavors. I love Honest Tea® Half & Half and Honest Tea® Honey Green Tea, plus the new flavor Honest Tea® Unsweet Peach Ginger.

Honest Tea® is organic and Fair Trade and is just a tad sweet or unsweetened, so it's great for any occasion. It's brewed with real tea leaves, just like you do at home, that's why you can really taste the crisp freshness in every sip. 

I purchase Honest Tea® at Ralphs where I can always find a good deal, perfect for stocking up for my week. 

Honest Tea® takes great pride in promoting sustainability, to support their endeavor, I am going to show you a really neat way to up-cycle your Honest Tea® bottles. 

When I was a little girl, my mom taught us how to make bird feeders using plastic bottles. Having these bottles in the trees surrounding our home is a great way to feed birds and for the kids to see nature in action. They're so easy to make too! 

DIY Bird Feeder

You will need:

empty plastic bottle
bird feed
1 wooden stick
1 screw hook


  • remove label from Honest Tea® bottle
  • mark a hole on each side just big enough for the stick to go through
  • carefully cut out a hole on each side
  • insert wooden stick
  • mark a window area on each side, right on top of the stick
  • carefully cut out the windows
  • attach screw hook to lid
  • fill with bird feed
  • if you're feeling extra, you can add a little decor to your bottle

Not only is this a fun craft, it's a great way to up-cycle some plastic and we love watching the birds feeding through the little windows of the feeder. This Earth Day (April 22nd), we will be adding a few more of these feeders to trees in our area. How will you give back to Mother Earth this Earth Day? I hope my DIY has inspired you to do something fun. 

Find more inspiration from Honest Tea® and take advantage of the digital coupon offer: .25 off 1 bottle (can be used up to 5 times in one transaction at Kroger and all Kroger divisions), live 4/9-4/22.

How To Care For Your Skin This Spring

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Spring is here with it come short sleeves and leg baring bottoms. It's time to say goodbye to winter skin and all those stuffy winter clothes. That means that it's also time to bring on the skincare and really get to working on getting our skin in tip-top shape. As it is, I never skip moisturizing any of my skin. But in the spring I love really indulging into great skincare. With the new
Le Petit Marseillais™ line from Walmart, I am not just treating my skin but my treating my senses to a south of France experience.

One of France’s biggest beauty secrets is out – say “Bonjour” to Le Petit Marseillais, France’s #1 body wash brand that is finally here in America. This carefully-curated Walmart collection will be available in March and features 17 products, located in the specialty bath & body aisle, where loofahs are sold. The collection includes an assortment of eight body/hand moisturizers, two liquid hand soaps, six body washes and a bar soap with prices ranging from $3.99 - $7.97. The full Le Petit Marseillais collection can be found in Walmart and also online! Trust me, you will love Le Petit Marseillais, especially once you smell these products.

How To Care For Your Skin This Spring

  • Head to Walmart and pick up some of the new Le Petit Marseillais line.
  • Take a relaxing shower: With Le Petit Marseillais™ Mandarin & Lime and White Nectarine Extra Gentle Shower Gels, I feel like I have been transported to a summer day. Both of these shower gels smell amazing, the mandarin & lime is so refreshing while the white peach smells just like ripe peaches. These body washes are paraben-free, phthalate-free, pH balanced, and not tested on animals. Plus they will prep your skin with moisture and get it ready for the next step.
  • Moisturize: Moisturizing after a shower is a step I never miss. My body tends to be pretty dry and if my skin isn't moisturized, I can't even sleep. Le Petit Marseillais™ Shea Butter, Sweet Almond & Argan Oil Nourishing Body Milk Lotion is my new favorite lotion, I love it so much that I am almost done with my first bottle. The combination of shea butter, sweet almost & argan oil are a treat for dry skin. It has a rich texture yet absorbs into the skin so I never have a greasy after feel. My skin is also left feeling soft and supple, while my skin is covered in the most indulgent scent. 
  • Keep the moisture going: Once your skin is refreshed and moisturized, it's important to keep the moisture going. My favorite from the Le Petit Marseillais line has to be the Le Petit Marseillais™ Shea Butter, Sweet Almond & Argan Oil Nourishing Hand Cream because it's so portable. Because I work with children, I am always washing my hands, having Le Petit Marseillais™ Shea Butter, Sweet Almond & Argan Oil Nourishing Hand Cream keeps my hands looking and feeling their best. Dry, flaky hands are a friend to no one and I love this little tube of hand cream so much.

Le Petit Marseillais products are my spring go-to's when it comes to caring for my skin. The entire line is such a treat! They feature artful combinations of scents inspired by nature, and transport me to the south of France every time I use them. They really do feel quite indulgent, yet you will find that they are super affordable. Check out the entire line at Walmart.com, I think you will be as smitten with it as I am.