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5 Life Hacks For a Healthier Day

May 23, 2016

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The question that I get the most over and over again is how I manage to stay so thin and active even with my busy schedule. With a work schedule that can be anywhere from 6-12 hours per day plus family and photo events in the evening, it can be hard to fit healthy moments in. When you're so busy, it's much easier to take a faster route when it comes to healthy eating and keeping active. But I save those cheat moments for the weekends with my son and try to stick to better things during the week. Here are 5 of my simple tips to help you have a healthier day.
5 Life hacks For a Healthier Day

A few years ago I began to take a daily vitamin to *promote my overall health. Being a candy lover I added a Centrum Gummies multivitamin to my regimen and I do think that it's made an immense difference in how I feel. Since then Centrum Multivitamins have been a part of my daily regimen. Right now I am taking the new Centrum Vitamints Raspberry and the Centrum Vitamints Cool Mint. These flavored vitamins are just like the gummy versions, easier and more enjoyable to take. These are really good too!
Oh water, how I do not enjoy thee. Drinking enough water has always been a challenge for me so I add fruit to my water to make it tastier. Add a bunch of fruit to your water bottle in the morning and just keep refilling it throughout the day and before you know it, you've drank more water than you knew you ever thought you could. One of my favorites to add is oranges but cucumber is really refreshing too. 
 "Eat your veggies." Yeah, we've been hearing that since we were kids, but it's still very important to get some veggies into our bodies every day. I get my fill of veggies from having one salad a day. I love spinach salad most of all which is strange because I hated spinach growing up. Now it's one of my favorites and I think it's because I matured enough to actually have more than a bite like I did when I was a kid.
Getting enough sleep is another one of those things that we might not always think is important. Being our age I think we forget that we are supposed to stop living the vida loca so much and actually getting to bed in time to really give our body the rest it needs. I could stay awake for days, I really could because I love the nighttime, but it catches up with you. If you can't catch a full 8 at night you can also try to squeeze in some naps during the day, and you will see how refreshed you feel afterwards. 
Staying active is another big part of my day and it doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym. My work schedule varies so much that it's already hard enough to balance that with family, so instead I take walks, I have a makeshift gym in the garage and I always look for an excuse to stay moving versus sitting down. Having stairs in your place is another good way to get a lot of extra steps in a day.
Maintaining my weight and staying active is a lifestyle really, all about making better choices, none of them really hard when you think about it. 
Find Centrum Vitamins Raspberry and Centrum Vitamins Cool Mint at Walmart. 
The fun flavors of Centrum Multivitamins make for an easy-to-take vitamin regimen. They are part of the reason why I can keep going with so much on my schedule. Enjoy staying healthy with simple solutions like Centrum Gummies and Vitamints.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Elevate Your Lunch Break

May 18, 2016

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I find that one of the hardest things for me on a daily basis is having a good lunch. I've got so many things to do that a lot of times I completely skip lunch, or I will grab something on-the-go. But those spur of the moment lunches at the drive-thru don't give me more energy to keep going, if anything they make me feel sluggish and overfull. I like to keep my lunches light, with a lot of veggies and good ingredients that will recharge me for the day ahead, not make me feel tired. So how do I elevate my lunch break so I can get some nutrition and enjoy a yummy meal even during my limited lunch time?
I can enjoy an elevĀte superfood salad from Costco even on my busiest day because it's pre-packed and ready to be mixed and enjoyed. Today's salad is the very yummy Organic Nutty Cranberry salad that is packed in twin-packs so I can grab  few for my week. 
How I prepare a healthy & quick lunch:
After serving Julius his lunch I can grab an elevĀte salad, some fresh fruit and a drink and get ready to enjoy my own lunch within minutes. I like how portable these elevĀte salads are so even if I had to take lunch to-go these containers are perfect.  
The elevĀte Organic Nutty Cranberry salad is full of mixed greens, cranberries, feta cheese, walnuts, almonds and a raspberry vinagrette to top the whole thing with. 

elevĀte salads are made from natural ingredients that are full of flavor and deliver clean and functional nutrition in every bite, and I love how how I can mix it all together so it's all so much fresher.
elevĀte salads are Non-GMO Project Verified, Organic or Gluten Free and  they never use antibiotics in their chicken so you know that you really are giving your body the best. elevĀte's superfood line-up has recipes featuring ingredients like ancient grains, plant-based proteins, nutrient-dense greens, nuts, legumes, and seeds that are rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and full of naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants.
And in just a few minutes my lunch is ready to be enjoyed. 
elevĀte Organic Nutty Cranberry salad will fuel my body for the rest of my busy day, and it's really good too. My favorite part of this salad are the crunchy nuts and the feta cheese. Have I mentioned my obsession with cheese? Getting cheese on my salad is a total bonus. 
Have you been trying to eat healthier or are you just looking for a convenient lunch option? elevĀte  has 8 ready-to-eat superfood salads will help you jumpstart your journey while letting your taste buds enjoy many delicious flavors. Find elevĀte superfood salads at Costco and online at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 

Quick Festival Hairstyle

May 17, 2016

Quick Festival Headband Hairstyle

 blow dry hair
curl hair quickly starting from around the jawline down
 Once hair is completely curled, use your fingers to break down the curls and give more of a wave
Now you add a cute hairband or crown. I was going to add a floral crown but thought this gold band would match my top better.
Finished. The only thing that's going to take time is the curling. But once you start curling hair often it becomes something of a second nature. This style isn't perfect for just festival season, it is my favorite summer style and I can't wait to wear it with other headbands and colorful scarves. 

A Quick & Yummy Summer Snack

May 16, 2016

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You could say that snacking is my favorite past time. I really am more of a snacker than a full meal eater because I like really small portions and since I am not the best cook, putting together a good snack is easier for me. Plus, last week was really hot and sticky here, and the last thing I want to do is prepare something on the stove or oven. That's why the convenience of having two Stater Bros. Markets within walking distance from my house is so great. I can drop by each week to check the sales and grab the makings for a week full of yummy snacking. 

When planning my snacks for the warmer months I always like to pick up a lot of veggies and fruits, plus there are always a few types of different cheeses in my refrigerator. If there is one thing that I could eat nonstop for the rest of my life, cheese would be it. And of course I have to grab a variety of Nabisco crackers either for dipping, topping or just for munching on their own with a big cold glass of Coca-Cola™. During May and June you can find a selection of Nabisco crackers and Coca-Cola on sale when you purchase four (select items). This is exactly the type of deal that makes my snack loving heart very happy.

Today I thought I would share one of my really quick summer snacking solutions. Nothing is better on a hot summer day than putting together a cold, little salad that you can eat with crackers, and it literally takes minutes to prepare. No utensils are required for eating this one, and that is my favorite way to eat, ever.

Tomato & Avocado topped Triscuits

1/2 cup cherry tomatos
1 avocado
2 pieces of queso Cotija
1 tablespoon olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

instructions: slice cherry tomatos and a ripe avocado. Place into a small bowl. Now you want to add the cotija cheese which you will break down with your fingers, add extra if you really like this cheese as much as I do or use queso fresco if this cheese is too salty for you. Now add one tablespoon of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste and fold together. 

Grab a box of Triscuit Crackers in your favorite flavor and top.

Or for faster plating, serve in a bowl with a handful of Triscuit Crackers. 

Pair with an ice-cold glass of Coca-Cola and you are finished!

In May, save $2 when you buy any four (4) Coca-Cola .5L/6pk, 6pk glass, mini-cans and Nabisco family size or 12 count single serve products and in June two (2) for $6 mix and match Coke .5L/6pk and Nabisco Toasted Chips with Digital Deals. Look for the snack center in your local Stater Bros. Markets and grab these deals during the next two months for all of those summer activities that require some delicious snacks!
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