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5 Steps to a More Restful Night

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As I have shared before, I work as a school photographer and the fall season is the busiest season for us. There are days that I am up before 3:30 in the morning and will work up to 14 hours. 

These long work days coupled with a lot of loading and unloading of heavy equipment can definitely work a number on my lower back. Also, I work with children, lots and lots of screaming children, which can lead to a few pretty bad headaches a week. 

This is a great time for me to score some OT,  especially with the holidays right around the corner, but by the end of the day my entire body is filled with aches and pains. As it is with most moms, there is no downtime the next day, which means that I need to get a restful night's sleep, and combat the aches and pains too. 

With daylight savings on November 5, the days are shorter but I still want to take advantage of every single hour, without being in pain. That's why my night's are so important, each night's sleep has to get me ready for the next day. My weapon of choice at the moment for getting a good night's sleep is TYLENOL® PM, a two-hitter pill that not only helps me get some extra zzz's, it helps relieve all the aches and pains of the day. Along with TYLENOL® PM, there are a few steps that I take to ensure a more restful night. 

5 Steps to a More Restful Night

Two caplets of TYLENOL® PM at bedtimea good night’s sleep positively impacts our mental and physical well-being, getting a restful night's sleep when you suffer with aches and pains is not always easy. On those really tough days, two caplets of TYLENOL® PM at bedtime allow me to get my rest. *Use TYLENOL® PM only as directed on the product packaging.

Shop for TYLENOL® PM  at Walgreens directly from the photo above!

TYLENOL® is collaborating with Walgreens to help treat consumers that are experiencing sleepless nights. Sleeplessness is the primary issue these consumers face. Pain is an added layer of complexity to their sleepless nights and TYLENOL® PM relieves those minor aches and pains while helping you fall asleep.

Lavender Sleeping Spray: making your own DIY lavender pillow spray is easy. All you need is some lavender essential oil, a spray bottle and water. Spraying a bit of this on your pillow and wrists at bedtime, every night, can help your senses rest. If lavender is not your favorite scent, there are many other essential oils you can pick from in order to concoct YOUR perfect sleeping spray.

Read a book versus surf the web: these days we never without a phone or tablet at our fingertips, especially when we wake and are getting ready for bed. But I find that the longer I spend on an electronic, the less I want to go to sleep. Instead of putting on YT, Netflix or going through your IG feed, pull out an old fashioned book 30 minutes before bed. I find that the act of reading gets my mind ready to rest and doesn't hype me up the way my cell phone tends to do.

Prepare a soothing cup of caffeine-free tea or warm milk: a lot of people say that the warm milk trick is not actually effective for helping you get to sleep, but I find that it works for me. It's not about the milk actually putting you to sleep, it's about the warming and comforting sensation that a warm cup of milk gives us, especially if it's something that your mom did for you as a child.

Sleep sounds app: for years I was one of the people that leaves the tv on in order to sleep, I've just never been able to sleep in a really silent room. But I learned that the sounds from the television can actually disrupt and stress us out, not allowing our brains to get that deep sleep we need. I have now discovered sleep sound apps and they've been a lifesaver. I can now listen to the sound of rain, the rumble of the city or any other sound that will soothe me to sleep.

Everyday life mean dealing with aches and pains, but don't let that stop you from getting the much needed rest your body needs. I hope a few of my tips can help you sleep better and more pain-free night's sleep so you can be ready to face the next day, and the one after that. What are some of your nigh time tricks to aid sleeping?

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5 Tips for Maintaining Overall Family Wellness

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We are smack in the middle of the busiest season of the year. Julius has been in school for a good month now, and while I think we've finally found our rhythm for getting up and out of the house on time each morning, it's so crazy busy with all of Julius's activities. This kid is only 4 and already his schedule is packed, I can only imagine how busy he's going to keep me as he gets older.  

Honestly, there are days that I feel like someone has run me over with a garbage truck, and not sure how I am going to face the next day. But like most moms, I manage each day one at a time and by the end of the week, I've actually ticked off most of my to-do-list. 

Something that makes a big difference in my everyday life is my overall wellness. How much I can get done for me and my family depends on how good I feel and today I am sharing five tips for maintaining overall wellness, as a family.

5 Tips for Maintaining Overall Family Wellness

Take a daily vitamin: I'm a big proponent of a daily vitamin, especially after the birth of my son. I breast fed him for over two years, which made for a very healthy little boy. But by the time I stopped, I was in major need of extra vitamins and minerals. Since then, a multivitamin has always been part of my morning regimen. 

Now that my son is 4 he is taking his own vitamin and because he can be a bit picky I made sure to pick out a gummy vitamin that I wouldn't struggle to get him to take. 

I make sure to pick up Nature Made® vitamins at Target for both of us. Right now is a great time to pick up Nature Made® products using this Cartwheel offer. Get get 30% off all Nature Made® products, while supplies last.

Nature Made® Kids First® Vitamin C gummies are only recommend for children 4 years old and up. Because they are in gummy form, and have great tasting natural flavor, they are an easy way for kids to take supplements without complaints.

Julius actually looks forward to taking his vitamin everyday. The new great price point of $9.99, along with the great flavor, makes it easy to start the family on a healthy, tasty routine. Nature Made® Kids First® Vitamin C gummies are gluten free too!

‡My current daily vitamin is Nature Made® Hair Skin and Nails Adult Gummies, which give my hair, nails and skin that extra support they currently need‡. ‡May help support healthy hair, skin and nails for those that are deficient in biotin.†

Two Nature Made® Hair Skin and Nails Adult Gummies each morning and my vitamin regimen is done.

Make healthier snacking choices for the entire family: when packing our snacks each morning, I make sure to include healthier picks like: water and fruit. We enjoy sugary drinks and sweets, just like everyone else, but in moderation. While I will still pack Julius a pouch of his favorite juice, he also gets a bottle of water. It's all about maintaining a good balance.

Having a healthy snack during the day, also allows us to indulge at dinner, which is the one meal we all get to enjoy as a family. 

Stay active as a family: this is easy to do when you have kids, they have so much energy that you'll have to find an outlet for that energy each afternoon. We love going to the park, on a nature hike, or simply taking a walk at the end of the day. 

I'm so not that mom who goes to the gym on a daily basis. I've tried that before but with our busy lives, there is no time for that anymore. But I find that getting out with the kids each day helps me keep my body active without having to take time away from my son, and we get to have some fun together. 

Take time as a family to enjoy the season: nobody can keep going at full speed without taking a break, and even though this is the busiest season for me at work, I make time to spend with the family doing all the fall events. We've been to the pumpkin patch, Knotts Spooky Farm and have the school fall festival to attend later this week. 

Nature Made® vitamins play a big part in mine and my family's everyday life. Taking a daily vitamin really is an easy way to support overall health, so we can keep moving right along with our busy schedules.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Feeding Time Survival Tips for Multi-Cat Owners

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As a multi-cat household it can get pretty crazy in our home. As of some months ago our furry family consisted of one dog and three black cats that are about 2 years old, which was already enough. But four months ago we took in a stray who was pregnant and delivered the very same day we took her in - she had five kittens. Yes, the black cats are not exactly fans of this 6 member family and there are days that you literally have to separate them all for fear of bloodshed. It gets a little insane having so many cats around, especially since we live in a two floor town home and there isn't tons of space, but we've been able to manage so far. 

The kittens are now 4 months old and are in the process of getting fixed and getting ready to be re-homed. It's not going to be easy for us to let any of them go. That's why our time with them is so special and though it gets a little insane at moments, we're doing our best to make them feel they are part of a family and that they get along with the other cats and dog. 

The craziest time, when you have so many cats, is feeding time. We have a mom who was a stray and is now very food insistent, and five kittens who all want to eat from the same bowl. How do we keep them all from fighting and make sure that they each get their portion of food?

Feeding Time Survival Tips for Multi-Cat Owners

Serve them all separately: A great way to do so is by feeding your cats Meow Mix Simple Servings cups. Our cats love the Tuna & Salmon flavor.

Meow Mix Simple Servings is a new, single serving of delicious wet cat food in a convenient, mess-free cup. These single-serve portions are convenient when feeding multiple cats because everyone will get their own portion and there is no fighting over bowls. 

Free up time by getting feeding time done faster: Feeding time is fast and easy because Meow Mix® Simple Servings™ are easy-to-open and easy-to-serve with no feeding bowls or utensils needed. 

No wasted food: The portion of food in each cup is just right so there are no leftovers and no waste. Wasted food is not something we can afford with so many cats under one roof. 

Make clean-up a breeze: Clean-up is also a breeze when the cats eat straight out of the Meow Mix® Simple Servings™cup. After they eat I can gather all the cups and throw them out so that the tuna scent won't linger in the house. 

A few of the kittens prefer eating in a bowl and that's fine too, the important thing is that they each get the correct portion of food and proper nutrition their bodies need.

Save money by scoring a great deal: Purchase Simple Servings at Target and take advantage of the Cartwheel offer to score extra savings. Save 20% on Meow Mix - running 10/18 – 11/15.

We never set out to have so many cats, we weren't even looking for anymore after already having our older cats. But life happens and we are thankful that we were able to save Fluffy and her kittens from an uncertain future. Now Fluffy is fixed and won't have any more kittens, and her babies will have good homes where they will lead happy, long lives. 

In the meantime, taking care of this family of six is so rewarding. Cats are just so special. That's why watching them eat and seeing them enjoy their food is so important. They love the pieces of real seafood a savory sauce in Meow Mix Simple Servings Tuna & Salmon and finish every bite. 

Don't forget to stop by Target and pick up Meow Mix Simple Servings with the 20% off Cartwheel app offer from now until 11/15. Visit DailyBreak.com for more feline fun and feeding time inspiration.