My Huge Birthday Haul #Forever21 - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

My Huge Birthday Haul #Forever21

My birthday is my favorite time of the year. It's when I can really go and shop for everything that I have been eyeing online. Not that I don't do a lot of shopping the rest of the year too. But for my birthday I usually get some extra cash from my mom and dad, and this year the person that made my birthday even better was Mario. He took me shopping and I bought a lot of stuff, then Jackie bought me a few more items. If you will believe, after all this, I still placed another order a week later. I won't show you everything I got, just some of the items I liked the most.

The shoes: I usually wear sandals and boots. This year I decided since I have many of the latter already, that I would choose some tennis shoes. I even got a pair of running shoes in the hopes that I can start getting more active. I know most people think I don't need to lose weight, but believe me, I have little rolls and plenty of areas that need tightening and toning, and you can never go wrong with Converse, they are so versatile.

These were pretty pricey, but maybe they will provide some motivation. 

I've noticed my style has changed a lot this year from last year. Forever 21 makes it so easy to find items that are in style and they are all usually really well priced. I do love shopping other stores, but this year I stuck mostly to Forever 21.


So this is just a little bit of what I got. All cute pieces that will be fun to wear, and three pairs of shoes that I plan to get a lot of use from. I'm already looking forward to Christmas so I can do another similar haul! Shopping is the best, it really is.

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