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What Is Your Nickname?

In my family everyone has many nicknames, it's rare for anyone to be called by their name. 
My nicknames are:

Least Important 

I have been Munkey ever since I was born because my mom said I looked just like a monkey. I am also chunky and fatty because I am the thinnest of all of us, and yet I am the only one that complains about getting fat. My friends call me brownie because I am a darker shade of brown (lol). China calls me Samara like the little girl in the ring. Jack calls me least important because I was the last born, well until Sam came along, yet somehow I am still least important. Cici is my short name for Sierra and a lot of times they will just call me C. 

All of these names are said with love and affection, none insult me because I know they are made in jest. What is your nickname?

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