#DIY Baby Memory Chest #RegaloDeAmorPampers - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

#DIY Baby Memory Chest #RegaloDeAmorPampers

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pampers.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Julius just turned two last week and for me it has been an incredible first two years as a mom. It is amazing how much your life changes once you have children. I can't remember what it was like to live before him, it's like I didn't exist until he came into my life. 

My son is my biggest treasure and because he is so special, I have kept every single momento of his since the day he was born. I have everything from his crib card, our hospital bracelets and even the little hat and onesie he wore when he was born. These are things that are so precious to me and that I will always treasure. These are pieces of my little boys life that will always remind me those special moments in his life.

For his birthday I wanted to make Julius a special gift, something totally different from all of his other birthday gifts. He has tons of toys and other things that he loves, but will one day get rid of. Nothing is more special than making something for our loved ones, so I set off to make mi hijo un regalo de amor. What item would be more special than a hand crafted memory chest painted and put together by his mama? This little chest is where we will put all of his little life momentos. It will be a real life treasure chest! I got all of the items including the pre-made wooden chest at Michael's. 

This diy craft is very easy because you just have to paint the chest and decide how you want to decorate it. First I was thinking or stenciling in patterns or free handing some animals for him, but I am not the best artist. The little animal figurines where perfect and exactly the same theme that we had at his baby shower. 

To make the black letters more fun, I dotted them with a pencil eraser and the same paint as the chest. 

I used Elmer's Wood Glue to get all of the animal figures and letters glued on. 

The entire craft only took me a little while to finish up. You just have to leave enough time to dry the paint. For about $29, I made my son a keepsake that he can have once he is older and that should stand the test of time. I would love to see this in his home one day when he has his own place. Next I am going to make him a personalized wooden step stool! We still have the one my mom gave us when we were kids, so I know these items really are treasures. 

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