Immune Support for a Busy Lifestyle - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Immune Support for a Busy Lifestyle

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Today was the first day off that I have had in weeks. Julius went home with his dad and after running some errands for my mom at Walmart, I decided to go and visit the war memorial and take a walk around the park. It's been so busy that I hadn't been out of the apartment breathing fresh air and just enjoying some time to myself. In the last week I have gotten a new job, worked one day, attended one training and I have been packing to move! It's no wonder I am so tired. It's hard to always be on-the-go isn't it? But I have a great immune support system in place, especially when there is so much going on! Right now there is no time to allow myself much downtime, maybe once I get into my new place and sorted out at the new job, maybe then I can take a breather.

For now I pull out my bottle of Ester-C Immune Support daily and take a dose of immune support. One serving daily of 1000 mg of Ester-C® delivers 24-hour immune support 365 days a year, and that totally works for me.* Taking Ester-C is something so easy to do that really makes a big difference in my overall immune support.  

While I was sitting down enjoying my break, I ran through all the things that I have to do this week:

  • move out by Tuesday night
  • clean up old apartment
  • move in to new place, unpack and clean
  • work on Wednesday
  • training on Thursday
  • finish unpacking and cleaning between Friday and Sunday

That's a lot of stuff!

I keep asking myself why moving out had to happen at the same time as me getting my new job, but isn't that the way that things always happen? It'd be nice if life happened the way that we wanted, but that's not how it actually goes. All we can do is deal with it all. And don't forget to take those breaks. I always have 30 minutes for me daily and today I made sure to take that spare time to visit the park and relax. It's so important to give ourselves that breathing room whenever possible.

This little park by our house is the perfect haven for all those days when I am feeling overwhelmed by life and need to just chill. I love visiting the Marine Corps memorial and thinking about my grandfather who fought in 3 wars and is still alive and well in Oceanside. I'd love to be like my grandpa at his age, still going and going and going!  

If your immune system needs some extra support, stop by the supplement aisle at Walmart for some Ester-C. Right now you can even find it on Rollback. Get more information about Ester-C on Facebook and Twitter.

With so much to do, this is how I make sure my immune system remains supported. Visits to the park and time outs with a cup of coffee are how I relax my mind and body. How do you take care of your immune system and state of mind?

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