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Better For Me Snacking

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2015 was the year of getting my body back to healthy after having my son. After having him I breastfeed him for over a year of his life, and as healthy and beneficial that can be for baby, it was really hard on my body. During his first year of life, he was this beautiful, bouncing, healthy, chubby baby boy, while I was way too thin and fragile. That's why last year I resolved to start getting more active, I started a vitamin regimen and I started to work out and get my body stronger. Overall I did a fair job at getting my overall health back on track and my body ready to face the challenge of a very active three year old boy!

In 2016 I want to continue to care for myself inside and out so I can handle everything on my schedule. Between my son, work and this blog, I need as much energy as I can get. Part of my routine is making sure that I don't fall for the greasy, sweet snacks during the day, which is something I always do. I have a major sweet tooth and I love snacking, which leads to an overload of bad calories and feeling tired by 2:00pm. Every morning before I head out I pack my lunch bag full of better for me snacks that will get me through my day without falling into the fast food trap. I start each week by shopping at Walmart for fruits, veggies, and V8 V-Fusion® drinks and other items to keep me on track.

V8 V-Fusion® drinks are easy to fit into my healthier lifestyle because they are 100% Juice and taste great. I could not incorporate anything into my day that I don't actually enjoy so I am thankful for V8 V-Fusion® drinks. With flavors like: Peach Mango, Pomegranate Blueberry and Strawberry Banana, I have a different choice each day and they are all so good. If you remember the V8 from our childhood, that just tasted like veggies, this is very different. Each flavor is a fusion of vegetables & fruits that taste just right, the whole family loves them.

What I Pack In My Lunch Bag to Curb The Bad Snacking
1) There is no better snack than fresh fruit. I will include some mixed fruit or maybe a few apples and bananas, I like to change it up everyday to keep the gusanito contento and away from the vending machines. 
2) Since I have a sweet tooth I have to add something that feels like candy and that's usually a granola bar or a rice cake. 
3) For protein I always add either a string cheese or yogurt. 
4) I take a few cans of V8 V-Fusion® drinks. I will also drink a lot of water during the day and carry a water bottle but for lunch and snack time have a V8 V-Fusion® because I enjoy them a lot more than the water. 

That's how I pack myself enough healthy snacks to get me through the day. In between I have the regular breakfast, lunch and dinner which I never skip because it's part of keeping my body strong. I am not on a diet at all just trying to stay of the bad snacks during the week so I can have energy and not feel sluggish. I do enjoy my candies and chips during the weekend when I have time to enjoy with my son. It's a balancing act that keeps me at my strongest when I have the most to do and lets me enjoy my time off with the junk food I love. 

Find V8 V-Fusion® drinks and the entire V8 selection at Walmart. My family has been drinking V8 since my mom was a kid, now my son and I do the same. Have you tried V8 V-Fusion® juice drinks? I think you'll enjoy them, I especially like the Peach Mango.

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