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Fortify Yourself For What's Ahead

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Getting back on track after summer hasn't been easy, it's hard to get out of the light summer routines and back into the grind of back-to-school, daycare and more hours at work. Sometimes I will look at my weekly schedule and actually wonder how I will get it all done. But of course no matter how big the list of items per day, they do all have to get done. The trick for me is making things simple and planning ahead so that I have what I need each week to get it all done. 

A big part of getting it all done is keeping myself nourished each day by not skipping meals. With so much going on, it's easy for us women to neglect ourselves and skip meals and snack times because we have so much to do. Today I want to share some tips to help you get back on track this back-to-school season, without neglecting yourself. 

How To Get Back On Track This Fall Season
Weekly shopping trip: I shop Sunday evenings for the week and when I am making my shopping list I always include my favorite cereal and snacks for the entire week. I am really busy during the week and this is the one shopping trip I will be making, so I carefully plan out my list. I purchased Special K® Cereal and bars at Ralphs where I can usually find a really good promotion. This week I got all the bars for only $1.99 a piece which made stocking up so easy.
Breakfast: Something I have learned with time is never to skip breakfast. This I learned by making the mistake many, many times. But now something as simple as my favorite cold cereal - Kellogg’s® Special K® Cereal in Fruit & Yogurt makes such a difference in my day. We can take ten quick minutes at the table with the tv on and enjoy a breakfast together as Julius laughs watching his favorite show. 
Pack nourishing snacks: As much as I would love to pack my favorite chips to enjoy for snacking each day, I don't. I know that a snack that's full of calories and sugar isn't going to do me many favors. I'm also not a health nut and you would never see me eating anything diet, my snacks have to taste good. Some of my favorites are Kellogg’s® Special K® Bars or Pastry Crisps. There's so many flavors and varieties to pick from so I never get bored. 
This week I picked up the Kellogg’s® Special K® in Strawberry, Kellogg’s® Special K® Chewy Granola Bars in Dark Chocolate and the Trail Mix Bars in Fruit & Nut. I love variety and this gives me a little bit of sweet, salty and they are delicious so I never feel like I am cheating myself. 
 Pack snacks into all bags: There's nothing worse than buying snacks and forgetting them at home. I plan ahead and stick a few bars into each of my bags (school bag, purse, even the diaper bag) that way whichever bag I have on me will have be snack ready. 
 Nourish yourself: Now that you have the right snacks that won't give you the dreaded sugar rush and fall it's time to nourish yourself. Make time even on those busiest days to crack open a  Kellogg’s® Special K® bar and enjoy it. These are so convenient that you don't have to wait for an actual sit-down break, you can enjoy a bar while driving, sitting in the car in the school line, or while walking to class. You'll find that when your tummy is happy you're just going to feel better and your day will be a lot easier.
On the busiest of my days Special K® Cereals and bars help me nourish my mind, my soul and my body without a lot of time that I don't have. These are easy solutions to help make any day easier and better so I can keep going on to the next full day. The fall back-to-school season is incredibly busy but Special K® Cereal and bars help me get back on track and fortify myself for what's ahead. 

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