How I Style My Hair #NeutrogenaHair - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

How I Style My Hair #NeutrogenaHair

This is a sponsored post made possible by Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are my own.

Is there anything more important in a girls beauty routine that their hair? My hair is so important to me that this is where I actually spend more money than even cosmetics. I have a ton of conditioners, hair masks, heat protectants, leave-in conditioners and other products that help keep it healthy. You might wonder why I need so many products, and it's because I curl my hair every time I go out. That is a a lot of heat damage to add the the every day blow dry. Since I tend to get very bored with my hair color, I also dye it a lot. You will see me with black hair one day, brown hair a few weeks later, some blond streaks after that and then back to black. I repeat this cycle over and over again and it really does a number on my hair, which since having Julius has really thinned out a lot! I know it's a lot but I can't help it, like my clothes, my hair color needs to constantly change so that I am happy with it.

My style though has been pretty much the same for almost two years now. I have always loved loose curls and I go through curling irons like crazy. I have had the thin wands, the crimper wands,  you name it, I have purchased it and at some point replaced it with another. Right now I have two Conair curling irons and both produce a fabulous curl. I am going to show you now a quick tutorial on how I style my hair in this loose curl style that I love so much.

1. Section hair into thirds and put two layers in bun.
2. Apply heat protectant and brush through.
3. Set curling iron to desired temperature, I use high
4. Wrap hair away from face, starting from where you want your curls to begin. Be careful not too grab too much hair for these curls. 
5. Go around you entire head until the entire layer is done.
6. Let down another layer and repeat.
7. Spray with hairspray. If your curls are too tight you can run your hands through the curls lightly until you loosen then up the way you want them. 

Julius was fussing as I was doing this tutorial so I did a very quick loose curl. Depending on my time and where I am going, I will do a tighter curl or even a beachier look by toussling the curls more. 

But that is basically it, I usually do my curls mid-morning and will still have some wave at the end of the day. It's my go-to style and one I really like. As you can see I have some bangs I am trying to grow out, I cut them on a whim a few weeks ago and immediately hated them. But that is what our hair is for right? Experimentation! I am just lucky my hair grows really fast.

Since I am a lover of all things good-for-your-hair, I was excited to find that Neutrogena has a brand new line that is exactly targeted towards my over processed hair. This is the Neutrogena Triple Moisture line and it is incredible at giving your hair some of that much needed moisture back. I have been using the line for almost two weeks and my hair feels incredibly soft. 

Triple Moisture Cream Lather Shampoo : This is a thicker formula that smells wonderful and leaves your hair feeling so soft even when I only had time to shampoo.
Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner - Adding the conditioning step only makes your hair even softer and so easy to brush out.
Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask - Once a week apply this mask for 5 minutes and your hair feels like it went to a spa.
Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream - Perfect for everyday and contains UV filters which will protect your hair from the sun!

My hair is my most important asset and without healthy luxurious hair, I would feel insecure. When I am having a great hair day, I feel confident, secure in my abilities and like I can conquer just about anything. If your hair is suffering from dryness or is dry and brittle with no shine, this is a line you must try. Let the active ingredients: olive oil, meadow sweet oil and almond oil, get to work on those brittle split ends. 

I hope my tutorial has helped in some way, in case you have been wanting to try a loose curl and were unsure as to how to do it. It's really one of those things that you perfect as you go and there is now wrong way to go about it. The good thing is we have great Neutrogena products to keep our hair healthy and strong while we torture it so.

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