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5 Ways to Prevent a UTI

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If you've suffered through a urinary tract infection, then you know they are no fun at all. Not only are UTIs super uncomfortable, but some can be so bad they will make it nearly impossible to continue with your regular day. I have always been especially prone to Urinary Tract Infections because of some bad habits I refused to change: like holding in my pee for hours on end or wearing panties made from materials other than cotton. I know, I know, girls are taught from early on that these things can bring on infection but it's not until I got a few really killer UTIs that I realized maybe it was time to change my ways.  

That's why I now take as many preventative steps in my daily life to prevent a UTI. And even though I still inevitably get a UTI once or twice a year, they won't be as bad as they used to be before I took active steps in my life to keep them at bay. 

Today I am sharing a few simple tips that you can follow to help prevent recurring Urinary Tract Infection, these are just a few of the things that I can easily incorporate into my days. 

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Amp up your water take-in: Luckily, I am a huge fan of water and never leave home without some. But if you are especially prone to UTIs and not a huge fan of water then I suggest doing whatever you can to make it easier for you to drink more of it. 

Water flushes bacteria out of the urinary tract, so those 8 glasses of water per day are even more important when trying to prevent a UTI. 

Skip the super-tight skinny jeans and get into something more comfortable: I spend most of my days in tight pants for work but the moment I get home I will slip into my loose track pants or even my really thin leggings that are super breathable. 

The point is not to trap all that moisture into your body, which then makes bacterial growth easier. SO while you can still wear your fashionably smart skinny jeans, slip into something a little looser as soon as you can. 

Ditch overly sugary and acidic foods: Certain foods can increase the acidity of your urine which make it easier for bacteria to thrive. I've always been a huge proponent of eating a healthier diet for my well being. While I still have a huge sweet tooth and do indulge in foods that I enjoy, I believe in finding a healthy balance.

During the week, when I need to feel my best and need the most energy, I don't reach for a lot of processed foods. Instead, I pack lunches and snacks that will keep me feeling my best including fruits and salads that have a lot of leafy greens. 

Chase that coffee with water: If you're super prone to getting UTIs it is recommended to cut down on caffeine but I admit that this is a hard one for me. I always have at least one cup of coffee in the morning and a lot of times will get another through the drive-thru as I am running around throughout the day. 

My suggestion if you too can't get out of the coffee habit is to follow up that coffee with water. I will usually get a small coffee and ask for larger water to follow it up. 

And so the moral of the story is to be kind to your urinary tract by taking these steps, along with others, and maybe we won't have to contend with as many UTIs as we have in the past. Don't forget to check out Ocean Spray® CRANBERRY +health Soft Chews at your local CVS or on Amazon.com. I really think this is a supplement that not only you will actually enjoy taking, will make your busy life so much better in the long run. Because who wants to deal with a painful, burning UTI? Not me. 

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