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Easy Mexican Street Style Hot Dogs & Coca-Cola de Mexico

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If you ask me what the best thing is about growing up Mexican, I would have to say that it's the food. I know that I could say that it's the fact that Mexicans put family above everything else, that we are a strong people, the ultimate underdogs. And we are. But for me, the food is actually where it's at.  

I grew up with the traditional Mexican abuelita, whose way of showing love has always been by feeding you, a lot. Many of my memories growing up are of her in the kitchen with her mandil (apron) on, cooking something that always smelled picoso and very delicious. You always know when you've walked into a Mexican home, just by the smell of the food cooking at the stove. You also know you're in  Mexican home, when you spot the traditional 6 pack of Coca-Cola™ at the table.

It's National Hispanic Heritage Month and to give you a taste of my childhood, today I am sharing a recipe for one of my favorite meals, hot dogs. But not just any hot dogs, these are the hot dogs that I grew up eating. They are known as Mexican Street Hot dogs to some and paired with a cold glass bottle of  Coca-Cola, they are perfection!

Sure, Latinos love hotdogs just as much as everyone else. Personally, my favorite is a hot dog with a ton of mustard, relish and large side of chips. But these bacon-wrapped hotdogs that are covered in sautéed veggies with a salted jalapeño pepper on the side, will take that somewhat basic hot dog and kick it up a notch with a ton of sabor

What I love about these Mexican Street Style Hotdogs is that they are still easy and fast to prepare, just like regular hot dogs. But the flavor payoff is going to be so much more amazing, your entire home is going to smell delicious when you're cooking these up.

Mexican Street Style Hot Dogs 
(for 5 hot dogs)

5 hot dogs
5 pieces of bacon
jalapeño peppers
2 medium bell peppers 
1/2 onion 


Begin by slicing onion and bell peppers into strips. Wrap each hot dog with a piece of bacon, if you need help keeping the bacon wrapped you can use a toothpick. Now bring a grill pan to high heat on the stove, once that is ready you will add: onion, bell peppers, jalapeño peppers and hot dogs to it. Salt jalapeño peppers and rotate everything while cooking.

Cook onion and bell peppers for about 4 minutes or until softened. The hot dogs will need to cook for about 6 minutes, making sure to rotate every few minutes the bacon will cook evenly and the hot dog inside. The jalapeño peppers will be about 5 minutes, you just want to get a nice sear on each side to make them really easy to bite. 

Place a bacon-wrapped hot dog into each bun and cover with sautéed veggies. 

The onions are my favorite! Lastly, add a jalapeño pepper to each plate. They smell so good that you will want to eat them immediately!

The only thing that can make this dish better is to pair it with the perfect drink, one that comes from my family's country, Mexico. Coke De Mexico 12 oz. glass bottles are special, I don't know if it's because they are in a glass bottle or because I know they come from Mexico, but it's the best Coca-Cola hands-down. 

To get to enjoy one of these glass bottles of Mexican Coca-Cola is a real treat, it's not something you rush. Drinking a bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola is something that needs to be savored. If I could bottle my memories of growing up in a Mexican household, this would be the drink I came up with. Delicioso and so refreshing.

I hope my recipe has inspired you to take your hot dogs from basic to amazing. This recipe truly is so fast and easy, you can still get dinner on the table in less than 20 minutes. Don't forget to enjoy the refreshing taste of Coca-cola wherever your taste buds take you. The pairings are endless. Do you need more Coca-Cola inspired pairing ideas? Visit the Serve with a Coke page for more yummy ideas!

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