5 Eyeliners and a Gloss: July 2010

Beauty on a Budget : Freeman Facial Mask Only $1 Review

July 30, 2010

These pictures might scar you for life. You will see us with no make-up plus some strange stuff on our faces. Must be 18 and over to view. (haha)

Freeman Facial Mask 0.5 oz.<br />price with wellness+ card
As Kana said today, "beauty sucks!!! " Sometimes you have to look really ugly for a little while in order to be really pretty later!! We found a great deal at Rite Aid today on Freeman one time application facial masks. With the extreme heat that we have been under here in the I.E., our skin is really in need of some major help. So when we saw these masks for Only $1 today, we grabbed a few and then ran home to get our beauty regimen on.

Jack and Munkey got the Cucumber Peel Off Mask that peels away impurities and leaves the skin smooth and silky while Kana got the Chocloate and Strawberries Detoxifying mask that helps make pores smaller.

10 minutes and one scared little sister later, we all had really smooth skin and happy with the results. Jack who would not let us take a pic of her with mask agreed to let us show her glowy skin after the mask was taken off.
We all agree we liked the results and even though we are not mask experts as you can tell by Kanas application of the product, we will most likely purchase a few tubes of the full size product to have on hand for the future. Our rating is based on the smell, the application and the effects of the mask PLUS the affordability of the product and the BONUS, it was fun to scare Sammy too.

Final Rating: 4 Eyeliners

TEINT IDOLE ULTRA Foundation by Lancome Review

July 27, 2010

With this terribly hot summer that we are having in the California my sisters and I have been on the lookout for the perfect foundation that will keep us looking good without making us look overdone and even most importantly we need a foundation that will not make us break out. Being teenagers its very hard to find just the right make-up so we are going to be going through several different ones in the next weeks. Starting with some of the higher priced items and also some of the more economical brands. 

Today we are reviewing our moms favorite foundation, TEINT IDOLE ULTRA Foundation by Lancome.
Bisque 6
This foundation is priced a bit high ($42.00) but since my mom had been using it for years we gave it a test run over the weekend, we had to go to a friends party outside in the heat and thought it would be the perfect time to test it out.
Kana wearing Teint Idole #6
The color we had to work with might have been a shade lighter than was needed but overall the look was pretty good. It certainly was better than the foundation she had been wearing lately, that makes her look too overdone. Mom was happy to see her looking a bit more natural. (except for those eyebrows)
Overall the foundation was able to take the heat without too much of a mess. A few applications of powder through the day kept the shine away and as usual a few people told her that she looked really nice, but thats not new and that is why we hate her guts. (JK)
The next day there were no new breakouts on her face, as we sometimes find the day after a full day of make up and extreme heat. So overall she was really happy with it.When we asked Kana if she liked the foundation and would use it again she said yes but that she can't afford it. We are teenagers, what do you expect? 

So next in our series we will keep looking for a foundation that works as well as Teint Idole but that is more affordable to all. If it were more affordable we might have given it a higher rating but with all that taken into consideration our final rating is:

Final Rating:
4 1/2 Eyeliners 

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Introduction to 5 Eyeliners and a gloss...

July 20, 2010

This blog is specifically for reviews made by one of us or all six of us. This will be for things that we use on a daily basis and places we go such as.

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