5 Eyeliners and a Gloss: September 2010

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September 16, 2010

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We are back in school and working hard to catch up on some lost credits so we still have not begun giveaways here, but will have some reviews coming very soon including one tomorrow for CSN stores.
Please check out all the giveaways that our sis and mom  have going at our sister blog Sammy Makes Six.

The Cream Perfume Co. (2 winners) Ends 9/17
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{Ecco Bella} The Elite Collection make-up kit Review!

September 8, 2010

Today we are reviewing The Elite Collection make-up kit from Ecco Bella.

The Elite Collection $49.95

Over $100 worth of FlowerColors. A perfectly beautiful way to get to know Ecco Bella's FlowerColor cosmetic line! The Elite Collection is a carefully chosen collection of some of our most popular shades for lips, cheeks and eyes. A beautiful neutral palette of colors with shimmery and deeper shades, all in one convenient compact! 
(Includes a mirror and two applicators.)

Colors included:
Lipsticks: Sangria, Primrose, Napa Grape Frost, Chocolate.
Gloss: Pleasure, Peace. Blush: Nutmeg, Earthy Rose.
Eyeshadow: Sapphire, Smokey Mauve, Vanilla, Camel.
Shimmer Powder: Star.
Powder Eyeliner: Charcoal.

Our Review

Vanessa made this great combination using the black and the Star colors. We really love that though one is an eyeliner and the other a Shimmery Powder they can also muti-task as shadows.

This is the overall look she got by using the shadows mentioned above, the lip gloss in Peace and the blush in Earthy Rose.

We love all the colors, they are bright and colorful and because of the variety we can create many looks with them. We LOVE that their are lipsticks along with the glosses, so we can try them individually or we can layer them. 

That's probably one the things we liked the best, that we have 4 lipsticks, 2 glosses, 4 shadows, one eyeliner, one shimmery power and 2 blushes all in one compact. 

The best part of this product though is the company it came from. Ecco Bella makes all natural, organic and cruelty free products. Their packaging is all recyclable and my mom really loved that!

Please take a moment to visit Ecco Bella and find out what 

Intelligent natural and organic Beauty 
is really all about.  Ecco Bella has everything from make-up, Organic Skin Care  to room fragrance sprays and all made naturally and eco-friendly.


5 Eyeliners and 1 GLOSS

(1st time ever, and well deserved!!!)

And if you would like a chance to WIN the very same The Elite Collection make-up kit that we just reviewed, then you just have to head over to our sister blog.

This has a value of $49.95 and really is amazing so I hope to see you all over there and can't wait until we announce the lucky winner!!!

(We were sent a sample for our review, our opinions are 100% our own and we received nothing else for providing Ecco Bella with this review, winner will be shipped product directly by the sponsor)

Weekend Hops ~ Blog , Twitter and FB!

September 3, 2010

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BWS tips buttonSunday Strolling Blog Hop

Does this award make my butt look wide?

September 3, 2010

Blog Award!

 Lua from Board the Mothership passed this award to us today and we are totally psyched.
 It's such a beautiful and sparkly award and we love that it matches our blog.
Thank you Lua, your son is on of the cutest little boys ever and we loved watching the "T-Me" video.

Now in order to officially accept this award we have to reveal 5 secrets about us/blog, we will do this as a team and see if it makes any sense in the end ok?

#1 We blog semi-anonymously. 
Though we have started to use our "real" first names we will never use our real last name, instead we 
have borrowed Sammys last name. 
Because we know some sick people who really like to butt into other people lives and we don't want those nasty folks anywhere near our blog or to know what is going on in our lives. 

#2 Our life is not as harmonious or peaceful as it may seem.
After all we are 6 females and how peaceful can 3 teens one twenty something, a toddler and a mom Live? So a lot of times we argue, we cuss each other out, once or twice there's even been some punching and hair pulling.... and that was not a pretty sight at all. But we all have personal lives and we all have our own problems and sometimes no matter how hard we try to live in peace the stress gets to us, but then we will bake something chocolaty and everyone sits down around the table with a glass of milk and we make peace. Eating chocolate together is kind of like "smoking the peace pipe" for us.

#3 We all think our dad is a jerk.
Some of us thought this was a mean thing to write but like some people say "the proof is in the pudding" or something like that and we have all seen how and what Dad has done ever since him and mom got a divorce and he's always been a jerk. I know he tries to give us a birthday gift and will call every few months but a family is every day and all day and not at your convenience. Through the tough times we have had all these years never once has he been the one standing next to us in support.

#4 Tatoos: Yep a few of us have them and the rest of us want them, even Sammy!
Mom has a cross on the middle finger of her left hand, she got this when she was 16 and in art class. As the story goes, they were bored and someone brought out some ink and a needle and that day everyone left class with some type of art on their hands.

Nessa has almost too many to remember, she has Angels name on one shoulder, Darlenes names on the other and Miguel on her lower back. Miguel is the kids dad and out brother in law and we love him to death but we all agree that tattoo is totally lame. "You should NOT tattoo guys names on you, you big DUMMY!!" Mamma Says.

China another genius, has Willy on her outer wrist. Willy is the name of her ex and the father of her son Brandon who is the cutest baby ever. She also has MAD GLOCK on either side of her pelvis which she got when she was hanging around some bad influences who had a "supposed" record label named that. Why she got it tattooed on her no one knows and no one will ever understand.

Jack and Ciara still don't have any but are looking forward to getting at least one each. But it can not be anything lame or stupid according to mom and it has to be done by professionals and it HAS to mean something important.

Sammy has many princess tattoos and is usually sporting at least 3 at the same time.

#5 We blog!
It's not a secret to you but to everyone else who knows us, we have not shared this with our family or even friends. Mostly because we are so new to it but also because it's nice to be able to write things down and open yourself up to people who don't know you and are not going to judge you. So our blogging is our little secret for now :)

Now we are passing this award to 5 other bloggers who we think are stylish and pretty darn cool:

Our Little Cluttered Home Needs a Facelift

September 3, 2010

During the past three years we went from living in a larger home with big airy rooms and plenty of space to a much smaller home where all our beautiful furniture ended up making the already small home feel a bit claustrophobic. 

So now we think it may be time to look into redoing the main rooms, specifically the living room. Even though we have 3 small kids we still want the room to look elegant and trendy and less chaotic so when we sit there is the evenings as a family we can really enjoy it.

These are a  few items that we think will make our living room just FABULOUS.

 This coffee table , it's just gorgeous and one of Mum's favorite colors, Rich Merlot.

Which would match perfectly with this great end table and because the pieces are simple they will make the room feel less cluttered than it does now. 

Our sofa is a dark espresso color that will go really well with both pieces which you can find here. After that all we will need are some splashes of dark red or burgundy. Wow..... just thinking about it makes me want to rush off to go shopping but I actually don't have to rush anywhere because all I need to do is go to CSN Stores where they have everything we need to be able to make our cluttered living room into a peaceful oasis.

We are excited and looking forward to working with CSN Stores and will be doing a review for them in the very near future. Our sister blog Sammy Makes Six will be doing a giveaway for CSN which will give one of our lucky followers and opportunity to be able to get something for their home too, or for just about anything else they want because CSN has over 200 stores and so many items to choose from.

Be on the lookout for our review and the giveaway and don't forget to check out CSN Stores for yourself :)

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