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My Sister - My friend

For those who have a sister or sisters, I'm sure we can all agree that having them has it's pros and cons. My mom was unfortunate enough to have 5 girls, which meant my life forever will be miserable. I personally always wanted a brother but never got one so was stuck with girls my whole life,which is why I was very happy to have a baby boy. Anyways I have one sister in particular that sometimes made me wanna pull my hair out (or hers) but also was my best friend at times, her name is China. She is exactly one year and a few weeks older than me which I think is what gave us the most problems. I always hated being bossed around by her, and her being older than me was her excuse to do it. I didn't think the age difference was an excuse to be mean to me at all because it wasn't even a huge age gap. We always had our ups and downs, especially when it came to clothes which I'm sure those of you with sisters would agree that's always the major problem. So growing up with her was always tough and I was always miserable just because of her. 

Now that I'm older and more mature I can appreciate everything life has given me. I don't really see any of my sisters anymore so when I do I really enjoy it. I for once can say I miss my sister now that I don't have her nagging in my ear all day long. She can be really annoying at times but I enjoy every little time I have with her now. I think we all should love our sisters and appreciate them while we have them, at the end of the day they are the only friends we will always have no matter what.

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