My 1st Pumpkin Patch #fall #pumpkinpatch - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

My 1st Pumpkin Patch #fall #pumpkinpatch

Awwww poor little Julius. No one should ever have to be sick on their very first visit to a pumpkin patch, but that is exactly what happened when we took Julius on Sunday. You can tell by that very sad face above, just how bad he was feeling. The next day we rushed him to Urgent Care where they told us he has croup again, but that day we didn't know yet just how bad he was feeling. Still even as sick as the little guy was, he attempted to enjoy himself even though he was very scared of all the animals. 

Even this pig which was made of wood scared him. He did not want to back away from it for fear it might pounce on him.

So sad!!

Julius is on the mend now, well not really but he is on two medications and will hopefully be better in a few days. These illnesses get him all the time, I can't believe how weak his little immune system is. I am still breastfeeding him but that doesn't seem to help him fight all those nasty cold germs. 

But we had fun and I am happy we got to take him to his first pumpkin patch. Have you taken your little ones to the pumpkin patch this year? If you don't have little ones, do you have memories of going as a child with your parents? My sisters and I do, we went every single year.

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