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Hit The Beat With the Extra Small Extra Loud Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker

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Today I am sharing with you what has become one of my favorite items and what will be a perfect gift idea for the holidays. I am talking about the Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker which is available exclusively at Apple stores. We went to pick ours up over the weekend and from the minute that I saw the small perfect hand-held size and the vivid colors, I was in love. Then I spent the next 30 minutes trying to decide between the white/pink and the white/yellow speaker. 

These are all the colors they had and you can see how pretty and bright they all are. The black is just a classic, elegant all black, but the others have two shades and I wanted all of them. In the end I picked out the yellow just because it was so bright and pretty, and since my cell phone is white it will look nice with it. Though I must tell you that this pocket speaker is blue tooth capable so you don't have to connect it to your phone, but it was nice to find a matching color to go with it so all my devices can match each other. Even though this was purchased at an Apple store, the Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker works with Android and Windows phones as well, so you do not have to have an iPhone or iPod. 

I have a windows phone and it took me a few minutes to get myself set up and soon I was blasting away my favorite songs. I wish this video could give you a better idea of how amazing the sound and quality of this pocket speaker is. Unfortunately it doesn't capture the bass or the amazing sound as well as I would like but you can get an idea.

The size of the Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker is perfect, not too small so you can misplace it, but perfect for pockets, small handbags and almost anywhere. Yesterday I grabbed my speaker and headed to play with the baby and Mario outside. 

Since it's blue tooth capable there are no wires to trip you up, simply place your speaker where ever you want to and enjoy the beat! A really neat concept of the Carbon Audio pocket speaker is that it is also dual capable, which means you can set two speakers up simultaneously to one device for surround sound. That would make the pocket speaker perfect for parties and holiday get togethers. That is exactly what we plan on using it our speaker for next week. 

For now we are using all day just to listen to music while we hang out and play with Julius. I also set it up in the living room while cooking dinner and everyone can't get enough of how loud and how great this little speaker plays music with it's 360 degrees sound.

 The portability of the Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker as well as that amazing sound quality have made this speaker become an essential in my life. We listen to a lot of techno,house and dance music and you know that has to be loud and you really need a good quality speaker to deliver it just right. This cute speaker does the job just right and I love it. You can find the Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker at the Apple Store for $99.95 and it would make an amazing holiday gift for teens,  for millenials and for anyone who wants to listen to music without having to be tied up to a larger sized speaker or cables. We love our little yellow pocket speaker and we are loving jamming to it all day long.

Who do you know that this would make a great gift for?

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