Swatches - Fergie Center Stage Collection: Perfect Pout Lip Color in Ferguson Crest Cabarnet and Pagan Angel - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Swatches - Fergie Center Stage Collection: Perfect Pout Lip Color in Ferguson Crest Cabarnet and Pagan Angel

While I don't like the entire Wet n Wild line, I know that most of their lips products can be pretty great. Mostly Wet n Wild lipsticks and stains are known to have mega staying power, which is a big plus. Their color selection is usually really good too, and the Fergie Center Stage Collection has 4 colors that I really like. I found two at Kmart the other night: Ferguson Crest Cabarnet and the one I was really dying to try, Pagan Angel.

Price: $3.49 I got them buy one get one half off, love Kmart for those sales.
This line is available in 10 shades, including two reds and a plum I will be looking for next. 

I sort of hate the packaging, because even though it's slim and elegant looking with the Ferguson Crest on the top of the lids, you will nick these almost every time you open them. I was being so careful when opening and even like that, I managed to nick them twice and since they are so pigmented, soon I had lipstick everywhere. Wet n Wild should redesign these so you can roll the lip color all the way down.

Other than that I do enjoy the silver and black design. 

Ferguson Crest Cabarnet is a deep purple berry that applies very opaque and vibrant. I blotted most of the shine off because I am not used to such bright and bold colors. Somewhat surprising because most of their lipsticks apply dry, this feels quite moisturizing and goes on smoother than others. Nothing like a Revlon lipstick but still much smoother than a regular Wet n Wild. 

See the huge nick? That made me so mad! I like to keep my makeup clean and this really bothers me. But I do love the color and with staying power of over 5 hours plus a stain after that, this is definitely a keeper for me. I've read that this is a dupe for Mac's REBEL lipstick, in case you are interested in a more affordable version of that. 

Pagan Angel is just amazing! I have been needing a black lippie in my collection and this one is perfection. Just like Ferguson Crest, it applies smooth and creamy with crazy pigment. You can go a lot darker than I did and end up with the perfect black pout. It has a slight sheen and is not drying at all. I know a black lip is not for everyone, nor is it for everyday, but I do plan on wearing this quite a bit. 

Crazy pigmentation, light sheen and a nice and moisturizing feel, these lippies are pretty stellar. I am very happy with both of these shades. At $3.49 or less, if you find them on sale, these are a steal. 

Which of the two do you like best?

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