My Routine For a More Confident Me #BeautifulConfidence - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

My Routine For a More Confident Me #BeautifulConfidence

Thank you to Bliss for sponsoring today's post. As always, all opinions are my own.

Even though spring has just arrived, in our town it's feeling a lot more like summer. This only made me realize that I need to amp my exercise routine so my legs can be ready to face my summer wardrobe. I don't necessarily need to lose any weight, for me the goal is to be a little more firm and a lot more toned in my abdomen, thighs, legs and of course my bum. In order to achieve this, I have had to make some changes to the way I eat and added some exercise too. These are just a few of the changes I have made to my daily routine.

  • Wake up and follow a more stringent skin care routine, I am also prepping my skin for summer, trying to get rid of the dead winter skin and making my skin look glowy and hydrated.
  • Head down for  breakfast: Something that I don't always do but that is very important, especially when you are actively working out. 
  • I don't diet but I have added healthier options to all of our meals along with plenty of water.
  • After the little man and I have gotten a healthy breakfast, we head out for a 20 minute walk around around our neighborhood. This little walk is as much for him as it is for me, we both need to get out there and see the beautiful day while getting some movement in.
  • In the early evening while the little guy is taking his nap is when I get a chance to do my light workout in my room or outside. We might be able to graduate to a gym as soon as little guy learns to go to the potty by himself but for now I work out at home. 

A new product that I have added to my routine is the Bliss Fatgirl Slim Lean Machine, this machine in conjunction with the Bliss Fatgirl Slim Cream are a perfect team for getting rid of the appearance of cellulite. I am very thin, but I have always had cellulite in certain spots, even my ab area. That's why I was very excited to be able to try this little machine out in the privacy of my house. I've been using the Fatgirl Slim Lean Machine once a day for a few minutes on my legs and my abs, for a week now and I like how easy it is to use. Let me show you how this system works.

You can find the Bliss Fatgirl Lean Machine at both Ulta and Sephora. You get both the machine and a Bliss Fatgirl Slim cream inside the box. 

You will need to apply Fatgirl Slim anytime that you will use the machine. Just make sure to charge your Fatgirl Lean Machine prior to use, and you are set to go. 


The Bliss Fatgirl Lean Machine is very compact and easy to hold. It is actually very cute and well designed to be able to hold in just one hand. 

You have full control of how much suction and massage action you want to use. 

Apply a thin layer of Fatgirl Slim to the area you will be working on.

Moving from the knees towards your thigh, move slowly along your leg. This massage action promotes healthy circulation and with continued use should give you the appearance of smoother legs with less cellulite. I spend about 20 minutes total using the Bliss Fatgirl Lean Machine on my thighs, both from and back and my abs. It's not a lot of time for something that has really bothered me and I am really looking forward to seeing the results with my continued use.

All the changes I am making along with the use of the Bliss Fatgirl Lean Machine, will make a big difference in how I feel about myself once summer arrives. I will be able to wear all those cute shorts and crop tops that I just got for my birthday, without having to worry about pockets of fat peeking out. It's been easy making the changes and it's never too late to get started. There is plenty of time for you to start your own getting ready for summer routine, because there is nothing more beautiful than confidence. 

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